A high-precision felt-tip applicator with a deep black stroke to create all the catwalk styles, from the most natural to the utterly show-stopping. Easy to remove with warm water or makeup remover.

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Start lining the eye from the outer corner to the inner corner. Then, with the eye open, extend the line outward to widen the eyes even further.

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This lovely little pen plays a guest starring role in the Dior Summer 2013 Collection. It features a felt-tip applicator that has a point which tapers to a fine point. This precise point allows you to easily line eyes in a single stroke….or maybe not so easy for folks like me. That design of the pen also allows you to go from a thinner line at the inner corner of your eye to a thicker one as you apply outward!

As easy as this is to apply I still happen to suck at application but I will say it wears damn long, has a no tug application, remains waterproof and budge proof on my drier eyes, yet rinses off easily with water at the end of long day!

I would definitely recommend this product, you can buy it at Dior here.


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