My Favourite Songs Of All Time

My Favourite Songs Of All Time


Music is my life. I grew up in a family of actors, singers and dancers. Since the teenage years, when I was asked who was my favourite singer, I could not always tell the truth. I always had my taste of music. I listen to jazz, pop, soul, rap.. yeah, rap! 2Pac has been my favourite of all times. For some reason, his lyrics and music became everything to me and until now, at the age of 31, I am still fan. These days, I do not listen to it as much, but I still remember all the lyrics from EACH AND EVERY one of his songs. I own all the books and have seen all the movies about him. I also had the posters on the wall all over the room when I was younger 🙂

So back to my music taste, when people used to ask me who was my favourite singer and if I had answered 2Pac, they would NOT take me seriously. They would think that I was still in my teenage years and I had no taste in the music at all. That is not true, I love good music. I love sad songs, happy songs, songs that remind me of university or holidays. Songs that inspire me or songs that just give me warm feelings inside. Each songs has it’s memory in my mind. These days, it is rare when I have time on my own, but when kids are in nursery, I love to grab my Panasonic Bluetooth Headphone and just have my time. 

You are probably thinking why I decided to write this post, honestly there’s no reason behind it. This is my blog and it means I can write about anything I want, right? So this time here are my songs and you decide about my taste 🙂

A Rockin Thanks - My Favourite Songs Of All Time

  1. Dear Mama – 2Pac – this is the song that made me fell in love with him. I remember the first time I heard this, I replayed it so many times and learnt the lyrics by heart. My mum is everything to me and I just knew that I would want my children to love me the same way I love my mum so this is really, really special to my heart.  #theresnowomenalivethatcantakemymamaspalce

Now, I am not gonna share all 2Pac’s songs here, just because I love all his songs, but as I mentioned, I do love other artists too.

2. Beyonce is my favourite from female artists and Halo is still one of the bests songs from her after all these years.

3. Love, love, love Coldplay and Fix You is one of my favourite songs from them

4. Puff Daddy – “I’ll Be Missing You” – I mean, who does not love this song?

5. Alicia Keys – Un-thinkable (I’m Ready)

.. and the list goes by, but I am gonna end this here!

What is your favourite song? I honestly can not wait to find out. 


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