GUERLAIN L’OR 24 Carat Gold Primer Review

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GUERLAIN L’OR 24 Carat Gold Primer Review

A 24 carat gold primer? Yes you read correctly. Guerlain’s L’Or make-up base has pure 24 carat gold flakes within it. This and the fact it looks gorgeous from the outside, made me want to try it. The primer has a clear gel consistency and the 24 carat gold flakes are mixed within the gel.

The flakes disintegrate into the skin on application, which is what gives this primer such an illuminating glow as they are ultra reflective on the skin.

Now when a product claims to give a glow, I am usually pretty skeptical but with L’Or it really does. I was pretty took a back the first time I used it. The texture is like satin on application, not rough from the gold flakes as you would maybe imagine, just super smooth and makes my skin feel really rather lovely.

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It’s hard to believe this is a primer that will hold foundation to my face! The gold flakes melt away and I am left with a very subtle glow to my skin. There is also a very slight tightening feeling as the primer dries, but there is virtually zero residue left on my skin.


  • Take a small amount of gel on the back of your hand and gently apply to your face, working outwards to even out creases and smooth lines.
  • Wait a few seconds before applying foundation.
  • The secret of absolute radiance: mix a few drops of fluid foundation and l’Or in the palm of your hand for an incredibly light texture.

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The amount you see on my hand now is absolutely enough for your whole face. Little goes a very long way. I can surely say that it is the best primer for my dry skin. I am not sure how this will work for the oily skin types, but for the dry skin types I 100% recommend it.

Sometimes I even love to use it even without make up. It might be super expensive to use it on the days when you are not using make up, but sometimes I just can not resist its amazing smell and luxurious feeling it leaves on my skin 🙂

The only downside is the price, what can I say, it’s very expensive but I am happy, I purchased it.

GUERLAIN L’OR 24 CARAT GOLD PRIMER Currently retails for £42.75 at Debenhams.



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