Life In The UK Test – Full Test Review & Expectations + Test Q&A

Life In The UK Test – Full Review & Expectations + Test Q&A

Wellcome to my blog! I guess you are looking for the practice questions & answers for the Life In The UK test. Then you have come to the right place. In this post I will share with you the Q&A and also give you some feedback as what you can expect from this test.

First of all, make sure you book your test much in advance so you know you have enough time to prepare. From my personal experience, I did not give a lot of time to myself. I only gave myself 1 week so I knew I have to pass the test in 1 week. You can book your exam here. 

  1. My first advice will be to read the official practice book and really prepare your answers. (they can be really tricky and confusing sometimes).
  2. You don’t really have to learn everything question after question by heart. If your English is good enough, reading the whole book 2-3 times will be absolutely enough.
  3. Do note be late, arrive at least 20 minutes before so you can have enough time to park your car/ register your documentations at the reception.
  4. Do not forget your ID and proof of address.
  5. Remember that exam tests are so much easier than the actual practice tests. (So what you read in the book, most probably you will get the easiest questions from there at the test).
  6. Read the questions carefully before selecting an answer. After all, you will be given 45 minutes to finish only 24 items. Do not rush your way through the exam and make the most out of the time you are given.
  7. There may be some questions which require a deeper knowledge of the English vocabulary so make sure you read and research some words that may seem unfamiliar to you. The study materials include a Glossary at the end to help you with some of these. Your questions may use unusual words such as allegiance (loyalty to something) or historical terms such as Fenians (19th century Irish nationalists).
  8. Do not ask other candidates to give you the answers as each candidate has a unique set of questions.
  9. Practice, practice, practice.. Getting good scores in the practice tests will greatly boost your confidence because you know that you will sit the exam fully prepared.
  10. Do not worry, relax, just sit down and think of your answers.

life in the uk text diag - Life In The UK Test - Full Test Review & Expectations + Test Q&A

Below I have outlined the questions from the 2017 practice book, I hope you will find them helpful.

Click Here for Q&A’s.

Please comment down below your experience and pass rates.

After you have passed the Life In The UK test, you need to prepare for your English B2 exam, you can read about this here.


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