The Top 7 Baby Travel Tips: Flying with Your Child

The Top 7 Baby Travel Tips: Flying with Your Child
Strict security, endless fees and uncomfortable seats are some of the stressful issues you have to deal with every time you travel. When you add kids into the mix it becomes a very stressful prospect! But before you resign yourself to putting off your long-awaited vacation until your kids are older, try using these tips to help in keeping the peace when you travel with your baby. Traveling with your infant can be like going to a boot camp: you are fully equipped to deal with any emergency. Here are several tips to help you get the best experience as you journey with your child.
baby travel - The Top 7 Baby Travel Tips: Flying with Your Child
#01. Book the Best Seat Ahead of Time
It is advisable to carry your baby’s child car seat on the plane, but if there is some space and you are able to, make sure you get one with a bassinet connection. You can also let your travel agent know that you have a kid and he/she will require a child safety restraint. If possible, ask him to book one that is far forward as possible since the back of the plane is busy, vibrates more and is a bit inconvenient when deplaning.
Sam from Moving Babies suggests that if you are travelling with your partner it works well to have one adult board the plane at the beginning of boarding. They can get the bassinet or car seat into the plane along with all your other hand luggage. This gives them time to get everything set up, and you and your baby can use the extra minutes to relax and enjoy the view. Then board as late as possible to minimize time on the plane with your child.
#02. Schedule to Travel Around Your Child’s Sleep Time
It is always good to book trips that coincide with your child sleeping time. You can put on their comfortable clothes so that as soon as they get on the plane they are more likely to drift off. If your child has a special routine that they go through before sleeping try, as far as possible, to keep that going on the plane (and remember to bring everything that you might need for the routine including snuggly blankets and bottles.
#03. Bring Fully-Charged Technology and A Power Bank
Before you leave home, make sure your tablets and phones are at 100%, and that you have portable chargers readily available with you on the plane or in the car, just in case your batteries run low. Even if you prefer not to expose your child to technology, it is always good to have a worst-case scenario planned. And some quiet time with a movie or a baby-friendly app may come in handy.
#04.Pack Items Associated With the Places You Are Visiting
It is always a good idea to bring some games, DVDs, snacks, or load your tablet with some captivating pictures of the places you are visiting. It becomes a family fun moment and also a learning time for your child. Pack their stroller if you’re spending time outdoors, or their bike trailer if you’re going to be exploring a new city on bicycles. Children do much better when they are prepared for what is going to happen next. Explain the travel process to them, even if they are young, because they understand more than you think.
#05. Arm Yourself with Extra Diapers and Clothes
Children are prone to making a mess at any time. You should not expect them to wait until you reach your destination. You might also meet a few bumps in the road or experience some plane delays, so to be on the safer side. Make sure you have some extra clothing and diapers within your reach.
#06. If Driving, Play Some Music or Games to Distract Your Child
If you have ever wanted to be on the James Corden Carpool Show, this is your chance to practice. Play and sing along songs that your family loves, play some fun games, tell stories. The best way to get this right is to prepare – google kid friendly games so that you’re ready with different ones.
#07. Sit Next To Your Child
You are your child’s comfort zone. If you’re road-tripping, have one parent drive while the other sits in the backseat with your child. It will make them feel snug and secure with you seated next to them. This is especially true with traveling away from your normal environment as everything else will be strange and unfamiliar.
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Traveling with your child can be either fun or frustrating depending on your attitude and preparation. So, plan well, get to the airport in plenty of time. Then relax. You’ve done as much as you can. Following these tips will also make your journey fun and memorable and, hopefully, survivable!
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