Vintage Style For All With Lots Of Personality

Vintage Style For All With Lots Of Personality

Home decor defines your personality and your life perceptions. While the trend is to embrace a minimalist and digital lifestyle, with multi-functional furniture and smart devices, it’s easy to see how the modern decor may not suit every personality. Minimalism, for all its qualities, can feel a little clinical if you’re the kind of person who wants an inspiring and comforting decor.

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Why vintage?

What is it with vintage decor? Why do so many people love it? The answer might be closely linked to your childhood, to a time where the interior style was a little old-fashioned. Childhood is, for many, a happy and peaceful time of your life, when there is nothing to worry about.  It’s only natural to want to reproduce this charming environment as an adult. Also, there is a sense that designers in the past had a deeper understanding of what classy and elegant looked like, from furniture to fashion.

For your nursery room

Your baby bedroom is, by far, the last room where you want to go vintage. You need a baby monitor – why not even a video monitor if you want to feel more in control –, hypoallergenic clothes, and even an air filter if you’re unsure about the air quality in the room. In short, you can’t afford to go vintage on some of your baby gear. But you can certainly add lovely furniture that connects you to previous generations –  click here for modern vintage bedroom furniture for your baby. You can find a lot of furniture presenting an old-fashioned style with modern making.

For your home office / busy-mom kit

There’s a revival of vintage-looking stationery and accessories that can melt a fashionista’s heart at once. Enamel pins – you surely remember these from the 90s – and beautiful notebooks are making a comeback. And they are the perfect little pocket of vintage playfulness to keep in your handbag, especially if you’re the kind of person who loves to the subtle charm of handwritten notes.

A little touch of old school in your kitchen

Your kitchen is not a place where you want to downgrade the appliances for an old-fashioned model. You want modern and functional cooking and baking gear. But with a few details, you can transform a modern and antiseptic kitchen into a warm universe full of life and old memories. Sometimes, all you need is to change the doors of your kitchen cabinet for something with an antique paint finish, and tada, you’re back into the kitchen of your childhood! A solid wood worktop can make all the difference too.

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Gorgeously old-fashioned bathroom

An old-fashioned bathroom is all in the details. A hard bar of soap on the sink can take you on a journey into your past. Quirky soap dishes and wooden door plaque can turn your functional bathroom into a cottage shabby chic bathroom. And don’t forget the indispensable ceramic set to keep your toothbrushes and sponges in place! In a word, take a shower in the past, even with a modern shower head!

Vintage decor is all about creating the right look without compromising on the functionality. With a little magic from new vintage items, you can create a style that is both old-fashioned and practical.

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