Super Space: A Bedroom Filled With Adventure

Super Space: A Bedroom Filled With Adventure

When you look back, it is easy to reminisce about the bedroom you had throughout your childhood. As you grew up, this space will have evolved, changing to meet the needs of a child getting older, and giving you loads of different memories to help to keep the feeling of the place alive. Nowadays, though, a lot of kids are too wrapped up in other things to truly enjoy their bedrooms. Parents have to work extra hard to inspire today’s youth, and there are loads of companies out there with the tools to help you to achieve this goal. This post will be exploring some of the key areas which you will have to consider when you’re taking on this job.

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What’s The Adventure?

The very first part of this process will involve establishing the theme you want to capture in the bedroom you’re working on. Your child will have a strong preference in this area, with their favourite TV shows and games providing loads of inspiration to get you started. Of course, along with their needs, though, you will have to think about the future. Going for a theme which is very age or trend based will be hard to keep up to date going into the future. Having a room covered with characters from a cartoon, for example, could force you to change the design much faster than you will want to.

Other than choosing something which will last, you have almost unlimited choices when it comes to your theme. Some will be harder to replicate than others, though, and this is something else which should be considered when you’re taking this sort of job on. Most people will be able to build furniture, paint walls, and install basic electronics, but it will take a lot of skill and experience to be able to replaster and put new carpet down. You should always consider your skill level when you’re choosing your theme. 

To help you out with this part of the job, websites like Instagram can be great for inspiration, as long as you’re using the right tags. You will find hundreds of photos being posted each day which surround interior design, and a large portion of them will be kids bedrooms. Along with this, visiting furniture stores can be a great way to give yourself ideas. It can be hard to come up with something unique when you copy other people, though. Your kids might not mind this, but it will still be worth being careful, as it will diminish the adventure if they find another room the same.

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Putting It Together!


With an idea of the sort of room they want to have in mind, you will be able to start figuring out all of the pieces which will be building it. This process can be a complex one, with loads of options out there, and a lot of floor and wall space which can be used to create your adventure. Below, you can find some examples of these areas, along with some more ideas to help you to design a unique bedroom.


  • Paint: Wallpaper isn’t very popular at the moment, with paint being much easier to apply, along with providing loads more colour options. Darker shades will be hard to cover up in the future, and it can be best to go for neutral tones to avoid this. Paint isn’t just for normal coverage, though, with murals, paintings, and other creative use of the stuff being an excellent way to add some character to your room. In a jungle-themed space, for example, having plants painted on the walls could make a great feature.


  • Furniture: In the past, the options you would have in this field would often be very limited, and wouldn’t do much to inspire adventure. With companies like Cuckooland offering easily the best kids bed collection available on the web, you can find loads of options which are designed to make a kid’s normal life more fun. This is one of the most important parts of the room, with a standard bed not being very convincing as a race car or speed boat.


  • Accessories: Along with the furniture you have in the room, it is likely that there will be some space for smaller ornaments and accessories. Options like clocks, lamps, and other normal bedroom items can be found in huge ranges of themes, making them great options when you’re looking for ways to add to the space. There are loads of sites around the web which can help you with this part of the journey.


  • Lighting: A lot of bedrooms will have a simple light which dangles from the ceiling as their main source of illumination. While this serves as the perfect way to keep a room lit for normal jobs, it won’t be very fun, and can easily break your theme. Thankfully, with options like smart bulbs on the market, this sort of concern can be a thing of the past. Some will enable your child to change the colour of the light in their room, while others will hide like stars in the night sky. Of course, though, you will want to choose this based on the other items in the room.


Creating a space which will inspire you child is never an easy job. From the initial ideas and planning you have to do, right the way through to putting it all together, there will be loads of hard choices to make. In the end, though, your child will have a bedroom which they feel proud to share with their friends. Along with this, you may even be able to get them to put down the electronics, and this will be an achievement on its own.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start working harder on the time you put into your kid’s next bedroom. While this sort of job seems like an easy one, as children will often be happy with anything, building a space which reflects their passions will be a challenge. Thankfully, though, the modern market makes it all a little easier.

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