Sports-Themed Holidays That Keep You Motivated

Sports-Themed Holidays That Keep You Motivated

When you’ve decided to follow a healthy lifestyle, you need to change your mindset about what holidaying means. For a lot of people; the holiday is the moment of the year when they can let go and indulge. This form of indulgence tends to be associated with partying, cocktails and unhealthy binge eating. Admittedly, there is a huge sense of fun here, but when you’re set on making your health a priority, you need to find playful vacations that keep you motivated. You need to opt for sports-themed holidays that will keep your body engaged as you explore.

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Tennis lover?

If you’ve been following the latest Roland-Garros and Wimbledon tennis matches closely, it’s fair to say that you’ll need your Aus Open tickets to see if Roger Federer will be the new champion next year. There are also many kids you might want to follow, such as Sebastian Korda or the extraordinary Liang En-shuo. Thankfully that’s precisely what next year is about! And in the meantime, you can book a court next to your home to revive the matches of 2018. Tennis is indeed one of those activities that are both fun to watch and to play, so it’s difficult not to feel like hitting a ball when next time you’re in the audience.


Into the deep blue sea

You can make your sports holiday a part of your exploration. If you’ve never tried scuba-diving before, now is the time to give it a go and discover the aquatic marvels of our world. You can find plenty of diving schools along the Australian coast; but if you fancy something a little more exciting, head over to Bali for an exquisite scuba-diving experience. Indeed, you’ll find some of the finest sites in the world there. Needless to say, the healthy Indonesian cooking and your submarine adventures will keep you focused!


Discover a new culture in hiking shoes

Another way of exploring an unknown region is to go hiking. You will need a good pair of shoes for this, and you might go through a few boxes of plasters during the first few days until your feet get used to it. But you’ll love walking through magical landscapes, such as here with Walk Japan. It’s about visiting the world at your own pace. Also, do make sure to travel with a guide when you’re abroad.


Yoga retreat to re-centre your energy

If you need to refuel your energy and clear up your mind, yoga is the activity you need to choose. Thankfully, you’ll find plenty of beginner-friendly yoga retreats in the world that let you get rid of the stress you’ve accumulated throughout the year. Breathe in, breathe out, stretch and let go of all your thoughts. Peace is not out of reach.


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Motivation starts with what you eat

Admittedly, there’s no point looking for motivational holidays if you give in to unhealthy food at the first opportunity. So to put all the chances on your side, remember to pack nutritious snacks and plenty of water when travelling by plane. Besides, if you’re a little precious for drinks, do remember to pack some tea bags and coffee powder for the flight too.

How to keep your mind focused on a healthy lifestyle when you travel? Find holidays that make the most of fun and sports, of course! And it’s also a fantastic way to de-stress.


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    great post Kristine, I am definitely into a deep blue see 😀 this is what I call relax!

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