Miss Dior vs Dior Poison

Miss Dior vs Dior Poison

“Make me a fragrance that smells like love.” Christian Dior


If you have been a reader of kristinesblog for some time now, you probably know that I am a perfume lover. I mean who isn’t? 🙂 But of course there are people who love certain smells and who hate certain smells. In my case, I really do not like very sweet smells as they give me headache. When I say headache I mean it! They can stay in my nose and head for days.

The new Miss Dior Eau de Parfum reveals the femininity of a sensual floral. Its heart is a floral declaration that combines the beauty of Grasse rose with the boldness of Damascus rose, both wrapped in a ribbon of fresh notes of Calabrian bergamot. This handcrafted creation is woven with rosewood from French Guiana and pink pepper from Reunion Island for heightened character. A Miss Dior that will leave you lovestruck. covers%252FY0082217 F008224709 2 - Miss Dior vs Dior Poison

”I refined its florality to render it carnal and suggestive. It had to burst like that feeling of falling head over heels. A declaration of love to love!” 

Miss Dior 50ml retails for £75.00 here.

Poison Girl is the fragrance of a modern-day girl, free and sexy. A delicious trap that instantly poisons and draws out the pleasure to the point of addiction.  A bitter-sweet floral with mouthwatering Orange that is delightfully swathed in Venezuelan Tonka Bean and blossoms in the biting sensuality of Grasse Rose.


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”The fragrances of the Poison line take new directions with daring provocation.
They are fragrances created to surprise and astonish, to let women assert their femininity with confidence.”

Poison Girl 50ml retails for £75.00 here.

Comparing these two fragrances, I would prefer Poison Girl especially if you do not like very sweet smells. Also note that they stay forever on you and your clothes 🙂

I hope my post was helpful, please comment down below if you have tried anything from Dior perfumes and what are your preferences.



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