Finding the Funds for Worldwide Travel

Finding the Funds for Worldwide Travel
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Chances are that at some point or another in your life, you’re going to be hit by a strong sense of wanderlust. This is a strong or innate desire to rove or travel about. When you’re hit by it, you’ll definitely know about it. You’ll spend hours daydreaming about visiting places you’ve never been before. You’ll find yourself making up a travel bucket list detailing every tourist hotspot you want to hit up. Chances are that you’ll browse travel boards and pages on Pinterest and Instagram. But why let these adventures lie in wait when you can dive straight in? Now, the two main things that generally but a hold on people’s journeys are doubt and cashflow. Doubt can easily be overcome. You just need to reassure yourself that you are a strong and independent person who needn’t worry about heading out into the wider world alone. Alternatively, you can find a travel companion to join in on your adventures. The cost of travelling the world, on the other hand, is a little more difficult to overcome. But gathering the necessary funds is possible. So, here’s everything you need to know about funding your worldwide travel!


Savings and Borrowing

Your two main options when it comes to funding your travel are savings and borrowing. If you happen to be sitting on a pile of savings that you’ve been putting aside for a rainy day then perfect! However, the majority of us might want to consider a pre qualify credit card. This will provide you with the funds to pay for your trip, which you can then pay back in smaller installments at a later date.


Minimising Costs

While travelling may seem unavoidably expensive at first glance, there are various areas where you can cut costs. Plan a coherent and logical route from one country to another. This will reduce the costs of flights and other transport dramatically. Take as little luggage with you as possible to reduce excess baggage costs. Now for timing: avoid traveling during school breaks at any cost. During these periods, travel agencies take advantage of the one period of time that families can get away by significantly increasing prices. You should also consider traveling slightly out of season for your destination. Prices rise during peak seasons, but if you head to your chosen destination slightly before or after this window, you should make the most of the good weather without forking out quite as much. Finally, consider staying in hostels. They may not have all of the facilities and amenities that you’d expect of a hotel, but you will be rewarded with low prices per night. If you’re out and experiencing the location you’re staying in, you will literally only be using this space as somewhere to rest your head at night anyway.


While travel may seem unaffordable at first, it is a feasible venture for most of us. You just have to look at your options and find the most affordable way of completing each trip!

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