Read This If You Are Thinking About Redecorating Over Summer

Read This If You Are Thinking About Redecorating Over Summer

Are you thinking about redecorating over summer? Maybe giving your home a little makeover? Then all parents should bear this in mind:

  • 350,448 British parents will end up hurting their kids while moving furniture around
  • 696,696 will end up in A&E
  • 2.2 million will suffer anxiety because of moving into a new house

But don’t worry – furniture retailer Furniture Village has got you covered! They have put together a guide to tackle the move or spring clean. You can find this here:

Sofa Major 1 - Read This If You Are Thinking About Redecorating Over Summer

Moving Furniture May Result in Injuries, Damages and Fallouts

  • Thirty percent of Brits have damaged their property or furniture during a move
  • Almost one in 20 had to visit A&E due to injuries sustained during a move

It turns out that moving into a new home or moving furniture puts a lot of strain on the British public. Damage to property and furniture, accidents and injuries, and falling out with friends and family are all lurking just around the corner during a move.

  • According to a recent survey of more than 2,000 homeowners commissioned by furniture retailer Furniture Village, 30% of Brits admit to having damaged furniture while moving it around or into a new home. In some cases, the damage was so serious that one in 20 people decided it was best to abandon it altogether.
  • Furniture was not the only thing being damaged, with 11% of respondents admitting to having damaged property too.
  • Attempting a house move, or simply shuffling furniture around the room, can also be damaging to Brits’ health. In fact, almost one in three (31%) admitted to scraping their (or someone else’s) knuckles (by far the most common injury) while attempting to fit wide loads through narrow spaces, while one in four (24%) said they hurt their backs from carrying heavy items.
  • In some rarer cases, some respondents (4%) said they ended up in A&E, others (6%) had to call in sick following moving, and some (6%) had to call family or friends to look after them.
  • Whether it was damage to property or to health, the main culprit was going at it alone, with one in three admitting this to be the cause of damage or injury. When asked who they would ask for help to move a sofa, 40% said they would rely on a friend and 25% would rely on their partners. Yet, 18% admit they damaged their property or furniture because they failed to enlist the help of professional movers. The same reason is behind 11% of injuries, according to respondents.
  • Another major problem caused by house moves and furniture reshuffles was the strain it put on Brits’ relationships, with almost one in five (18%) admitting to having had some sort of fallout with their partners as a result. One in ten (10%) say they went through a big argument with their other halves, which resulted in 4% of respondents sleeping on the sofa.
  • When asked which item of furniture was the most difficult to get into a home or around awkwardly designed spaces, most Brits agreed it was the sofa (73%), followed by wardrobes (50%) and beds (42%).

Commenting on the findings, James Roger, Head of Home Delivery and Distribution at Furniture Village, said: “It’s amazing how many people end up damaging furniture items, their property or experience fallouts with their partners over moving home or moving furniture. Some of the pitfalls can easily be avoided, while the easiest thing is to leave it to professionals to do it for you. But if you do prefer to go it alone, then it’s useful to know some things in advance that can spare you a lot of suffering later. Planning your route, clearing it of obstacles and knowing how to best lift a heavy object without pulling a nerve can go a long way to making sure it doesn’t turn into a regrettable experience. That is why we’ve enlisted the help of professional mover Horace Warmington, couples’ therapist Nikki Downs and mathematician Seb Boden to offer comprehensive and useful advice on how to tackle a move or a furniture reshuffle while keeping your health, possessions, property and relationships intact. You can find their advice here:

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  1. October 13, 2018 / 4:57 pm

    I am redecorating right now and I know how it feels. So much damage done and so much money gonna be spend. Stressed

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