Essential Bali Travel Tips

Essential Bali Travel Tips

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Bali is a dream destination for so many people, and it is not difficult to see why. It is a place that has so much to offer in terms of beauty and nature, as well as boasting luxurious hotels and villas, plus plenty of activities and adventures too. If your dream is soon going to become a reality and you are going to visit this majestic country, read on to discover more about some essential Bali travel tips.

Respect the ocean – Even if you are a strong swimmer or you go to the beach all of the time, the exposed rocks, strong currents and powerful waves in Bali can be treacherous, so take care. It is best to avoid swimming alone. Also, respect the nature here and don’t leave litter anywhere. It hurts the marine ecosystem.

Accommodation options are varied – There are so many different accommodation options to choose from when staying in Bali, and this is important to keep in mind so you can research all of your options and find something that is right for you. Of course, you have all of your standard hotels, as you would expect in any popular tourist country. However, you also have properties that give you that added bit of luxury, such as vacation villas in Nusa Dua and other high-end areas. You can even stay in traditional wooden houses or rent a beach hut if you want a more traditional experience.

Remember the low season tends to mean rainy season – When planning your trip, the time of year you visit is going to play an important role. While you can get excellent discounts in October and November, as well as between January and April, this tends to be the rainy season, so you will spend a lot of time indoors.

Be cautious of wild and stray animals – The last thing you want to do is end up in a hospital because you were too friendly with a stray dog or a wild monkey. Monkeys are known for their thieving ways, and you can be at risk of numerous diseases by coming into contact with stray and wild animals. Yes, they may look cute, but it is best to admire from a distance.

Dress for the occasion – A lot of clubs, restaurants, and higher-end bars in Bali will not allow beachwear. There can often be a dress code. The best thing to do is have a quick look online or ring up the venue before attending.

As you can see, there is a lot to take into account when visiting Bali. However, hopefully, you now feel more prepared for your dream holiday. One thing is for certain: you will have an amazing time in this scenic and relaxing location. It never disappoints.


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