The Home Improvements You Make For Your Family

The Home Improvements You Make For Your Family

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Your home grows with your family. When you first move in, the decor you create is a reflection of who you are at the time. However, as time passes, your experience transforms you, and your expectations for your home interior change. At first, it might be simple things, such as changing the orientation of the sofa in the lounge. But then your needs for customisation and made-to-measure settings develop as you become a parent. Indeed, the home has to accommodate the new member of the family. Here how having children transform your home.


#1. First child: it’s going to be easy

The first time future parents realise that their lives are about to change forever is when they prepare the nursery room in the last months of the pregnancy. Indeed, your baby needs a room where you will keep the necessary baby gear, from a changing station to a crib – even if you intend to keep the baby in your bedroom at the beginning. As you pack the room with all the equipment you need, you also plant a new decor: pink for girls, blue for boys, or even gender-neutral colours. The room changes as your baby grows older, and you know that after toddlerhood, you’ll redecorate it to suit their personality.

#2. Second child: okay, we need more room

When you expect your second child, you might come to realise that the house may not be spacious enough for the family. You’re worried the lounge might feel a little cramped with two children playing. Or maybe the kitchen can’t fit four people comfortably. In short, you need to either move out or add an extension. Needless to say, most families choose to add an extension, which adds value to their homes. Unfortunately, extensions don’t come for free, and you might struggle to find a loan if you already have accumulated debts. However, you can find alternative fundings, such as checking the poor credit homeowner loans from Evolution Money. You might also be able to claim a government grant for specific projects.


#3. Third child and over: shared bedrooms

If your family grows to have more than two children, you need to develop space-saving ideas. Unless you live in a manor, your kids are likely to need to share bedrooms. Consequently, you will have to use all your creative wit to design individual areas in each shared room. As a rule of the thumb, you’ll find that siblings who are very close in age are more likely to get on in the same room. One word of advice, though: make sure that each child is onboard with the design ideas form the start.


#4. For all: a safe garden

Playing with sand

Finally, your garden is the other part of your home that needs special attention when you have children. Indeed, you want a place that is safe for them to play. If you’re worried about muddy grass patches, you can opt for an artificial lawn, which is ideal for all-year-round plays. You can also add a playground area, with some sand and even a playhouse if you’ve got enough room.  

In conclusion, a home that suits your family needs work. While some parents choose to move houses when they have a large family, you need to be realistic. Nothing is going to fit as perfectly your needs than a home that grows with you.


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