Summer is Yours – Summer Bag Review

Summer is Yours – Summer Bag Review

I can not imagine it has been since June that we have a proper summer in the UK. We never had such a long, proper summer season and sunny days continues. To prep myself for going to the beach, I thought I would get a beach bag, and I did! from the beginning I thought I would just keep it for a holidays and did not even try styling it.

One day I was going out with my kids and my mum to Central London, that was the day when we went to see Monski Mouse and we needed a large bag to carry children’s stuff. I already had a small bag with me, so did my mum. Then I remember about this beach bag and I asked my mum if we could take it with us. She said fine, looks really nice so we packed it. Let me tell you this, this bag fits in EVERYTHING! Can you imagine going out for a day with two under 3 year olds, how much stuff you will need all day? starting with water bottles, dippers, wipes, food, this bag fits in all you need. We also love it for our Tesco shoppings 🙂

notino summer is yours beach bag   4 - Summer is Yours - Summer Bag Review

Picture1 - Summer is Yours - Summer Bag Review

Picture1 1 - Summer is Yours - Summer Bag Review

It has got nice and long stripes as well which makes it really easy to carry.

Top points about Summer is Yours bag:

  • it is light, compact and spacious
  • holds all your beauty items and everyday essentials
  • suitable for the pool, shopping or the office
  • dimensions: 45 cm × 40 cm × 14 cm

It is also 30% cotton, 70% polyester, environmentally friendly and recyclable.

It is surprisingly steady for a polyester. Because of its lengths, it does not fall out and keeps in place perfectly! We are definitely in love of this bag.

The best thing about Summer is Yours beach bag is that it only costs £13.90 at Notino. 


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