Why The Summer Holidays Should Be Spent Outdoors

Why The Summer Holidays Should Be Spent Outdoors

So, your little darlings have six weeks to spend at home with you, their ever loving parents. While you adore spending quality time with your brood, you are all too aware that the seemingly peaceful haven of summer holiday tranquillity can quickly descend into chaotic mayhem if not kept in check. The structure of the school day has suddenly been ripped away from your offspring, and you are left to initiate a new parent led routine to help prevent your kids from getting bored. It’s all too easy to give them a tablet and allow them to while away their days stuck to a screen. Instead, you need to be fostering opportunities to have them experience the outdoors and spend time with you making memories and having a phenomenal summer. Take a look at these ways you can inspire your rabble to put down the technology and opt for the simpler things in life.

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Down At The Park

There’s nothing better than heading to the park on a summer’s day with your little cherubs. The park is free, it’s local, and it’s simple to navigate. There’s nothing fussy about a park. Slides, swings and merry-go-rounds have been simple pleasures for all children since day dot. No matter what the latest Xbox game is, the newest social media button might be or the latest smartphone to come onto the market is, a trip to the park always grabs kids attention. As a responsible parent you know that getting outdoors is healthy and allows your kids to have a good run around, get hot and sweaty and enjoy playing with friends rather than being cooped up in between four walls every day. The weather is glorious at the moment so we may as well take advantage of it while we can.

Take Special Days Out

Sometimes, it’s great to set up a summer holiday calendar and mark those days when you will be going on outings. You could head out on a trip to a theme park with pals or venture to the aquarium on a rainy day. Places like Willows Activity Farm are perfect for those kids who adore wildlife, love to get close to nature and enjoy interactive displays. There’s plenty to do on the farm, and the kids have no chance of getting bored.


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It’s always a good idea to head away for an extended break in the summer holidays to split up the long six weeks. This gives you a chance to relax for a little while as the kids enjoy playing on a beach or frolicking in the pool. Remember, these are your summer holidays too so you might fancy a week away in the sun on a Balearic or you might prefer a few days enjoying an active city break. As long as there is plenty to keep the kids entertained, you can relish the chance to head overseas and take your own holiday.

The summer holidays shouldn’t be six long weeks of laptops, DVDs and video games. Use these ideas to inspire your activity planning and get your kids enjoying the outdoors.


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