Arts & Crafts – They’re Not Just For Rainy Days

Arts & Crafts – They’re Not Just For Rainy Days

All parents know that arts and crafts can be a lifesaver on rainy days. In fact, they may be the only thing that will prevent the kids from driving your crazy. However, those fun activities needn’t be restricted to moments when it’s wet and windy.  

Here are 10 reasons why you should embrace them all year round.

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#1. Encourage Creativity  

Promoting the healthy development of an imaginative mindset is one of the most crucial things that any parent can do for their child. Arts and crafts encourage them to be creative and think outside the box. There is no right and wrong, so your child can be confident as they make their creations. In turn, this can aid various aspects of their mental and emotional growth.


#2. Cheap & Easy  

Artistic materials like paper and pens are readily available from a number of retailers. Meanwhile, if creating sculptures or making artworks out of macaroni and household items, Glue Guns Direct has an array of great tools. Filling the arts and crafts cupboard needn’t break the bank while preparing the room for craft time is a particularly easy task.


#3. Contain The Mess  

When kids are running around the home, the entire property can quickly start to resemble a bomb site. While arts and crafts are likely to lead to some mess, you can keep it localised to one room. Moreover, if you use a guest room or playroom, it will be possible to leave unfinished projects undamaged overnight. This can extend the fun of the activities across several days.

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#4. Avoid The Heat  

Arts and crafts needn’t take up the whole day. As such, they can be the perfect activities for keeping kids out of the scorching sun during the peak hours of the current heat wave. Leave the outdoor fun for the early morning and late afternoons when the sun isn’t quite so dangerous. If nothing else, it will leave the children feeling more comfortable. Sun lotion will still be needed.


#5. Play An Active Role  

As a parent, you’ll naturally want to play an active role in your child’s development. Kids should be encouraged to express their creativity and make mistakes. Still, some tasks require adult supervision. Your child will love having you around while you’ll love spending time with them too. This is a win-win situation that provides magical memories for everyone to cherish together.


#6. Get Housework Done  

While keeping an eye on the kids is vital, you can still get on with other jobs. From getting a head start on cooking a meal in the Crock Pot to cleaning, this can work wonders. By staying on top of those items now, you’ll have less guilt about taking a family day out tomorrow. When the kids are home, arts and crafts enable you to maintain a sense of normality over daily tasks.

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#7. Build Worthwhile Items  

The results of those arts and crafts needn’t be limited to fridge decorations. You could use this as a chance to upcycle old toys to turn them into cool bedroom decorations. Alternatively, your child can create other artistic works that will brighten up various parts of the home. Either way, seeing their creations around the house can fill them with pride. It’s a great way to embrace the homely vibe.


#8. Group Activities  

Hosting several kids at your home is a scary thought. While crafting might not be enough to keep them occupied for the whole day, it can certainly fill up a large chunk of the day. This also gives you time to prepare other group tasks or simply reset your mind in this pressurised situation. The vast majority of youngsters enjoy these activities. So, you shouldn’t receive any complaints from them.


#9. Monitor Key Skills  

As a parent, tracking your child’s progress in a host of areas is crucial. Unfortunately, doing this in an engaging manner that won’t leave them bored can be tough. This isn’t only a chance to monitor artistic skills. Conversations can be used for looking at communication skills. Likewise, simple maths equations can be added to the equation for far greater clarity.

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#10. It’s Safe  

Last but not least, this is a very safe activity. As long as you provide the right level of adult supervision, kids are unlikely to cause any damage to themselves. After all, there’s minimal chance of them encountering cuts and bruises. When added to the fact that they can’t damage the home either, this is truly an activity that should be on the agenda all year round. Rainy days are just the start.


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  1. Aditi
    August 17, 2018 / 7:21 pm

    Beautiful thoughts, forget children, I myself enjoy art and craft so much that till date I keep collecting and making stuff

  2. August 17, 2018 / 8:14 pm

    Great way to keep kids occupied, and certainly better than watching TV or playing on phones/tablets! My teenage daughter does a lot of drawing, but has sadly lost interest in crafting things…It’s ok though, I always have enough enthusiasm for both of us! 😀

  3. August 17, 2018 / 10:33 pm

    My kids are now tweenagers, in junior high, and they have lost interest in arts and crafts. But I remember these days very well!

  4. August 18, 2018 / 1:07 am

    What a fun post! Even without kids, it’s all a good idea for a rainy day in with my boyfriend and start new projects! x Shannon •

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