Alternative Accommodation: 7 Alternatives To Hotels When Travelling

Alternative Accommodation: 7 Alternatives To Hotels When Travelling

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Hotels aren’t the only form of accommodation to use when travelling. Here are 7 alternative places to rest you head at night – some of which could be cheaper, whilst others could add to the experience.  


Stay in a hostel

Hostels have more basic room facilities – many hostel rooms contain no more than a couple beds and in some cases you may end up sharing a room with strangers. However, they’re much cheaper than hotels and great for meeting new people if you’re travelling solo. Hostels are most common in cities and towns.


Rent out a holiday home

For a more private form of accommodation, you could try renting out a holiday home. This could allow you your very own space often with your very own pool and cooking facilities to make your own meals. There are options for couples such as these luxury apartments in Marbella and there are bigger options for huge families and parties of people such as these Dordogne chateaus. Holiday homes may also be flexible when it comes to bringing dogs.   

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Go camping

Camping isn’t everyone’s cup of tea due to how basic it is, however it’s undeniably cheap. Besides you don’t have to stay in a tent – many campsites have wooden shacks and mobile homes to stay in for a more luxurious option. There’s also the option of glamping – this could give you the cosiness of sleeping in a tent with a few added luxuries such as power outlets and beds. On the flipside, for those that don’t mind the rugged side of camping, there’s always option of ditching campsites and going wild camping for free.


Bring a camper van

Bringing a camper van could allow you the freedom of having your very own hotel on wheels. This could be excellent for a roadtrip around Europe or a journey across the States. You don’t even have buy a camper van – there are many companies that allow you to hire them out.

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Stay on a boat

You could also stay on a boat. This could be anything from a room in a Caribbean cruise liner to a chartered yacht in the Med. These floating hotels could be great for seeing lots of places in one trip without having to keep packing up your bags and finding new accommodation.


Look into homestay accommodation

Homestay accommodation involves staying with a family. This can be cheap and can offer you a great taste into the home life and culture of a country. Homestay accommodation is popular amongst travellers that are trying to learn a foreign language. That said, there are many English-speaking families around the world who will be willing to take you in.


Try sofa surfing

Sofa-surfing is the accommodation equivalent of hitch-hiking – it’s not the safest nor the most reliable form of accommodation and relies on the generosity of strangers. Of course, you may have friends and family around the world who are already willing to let you sleep on their sofa. Either way, such accommodation is often free and so can save you a lot of money.


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  1. September 1, 2018 / 9:50 pm

    This is definitely a great list of alternatives to hotels. There is so much variety in all sorts of accommodation options available now – and in more locations than ever. Camping, camper vans, motorhomes, caravans etc are all examples of options that have really taken off and are attractive to anyone who loves being in the great outdoors and appreciates getting close to nature.

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