Brutally Honest review about Legoland Windsor

Brutally Honest review about Legoland Windsor

It has been our plan to visit Legoland in Windsor for some time now. We finally decided to go over the weekend. I don’t even know where to start telling you about everything. I am still in shock from all I have seen in a day.

If we were to buy the ticket on the same day, it was costing us £90 per person, so instead we brought some Special K cereals and got the entries for £45 per person. Children under 3 years was free, but we had to pay full ticket for my friends 4 years old.

I really had no idea on what to expect, I have not even read any reviews as I wanted to see it all by myself. To be honest, I still had very high expectations! and I was wrong… as unfortunately I think my expectations were a little too high. 

The day we visited Legoland was very hot and summery, so it was packed, full of people. Because my friends had visited me on Saturday morning, we decided to go there in the afternoon, as it was not planned ahead. As soon as we got there, we had to spend 1 hour and 30 minutes only looking for parking. Both priority and general car park were full. General car park price was £8.00, priority £12.00. We finally managed to park the car and headed over to Legoland.

As soon as we entered the place, there was a small train that took us to the main Legoland place where all the nice things happen. We were all so excited, but tired as well from queuing in the car park and the ticket office.

The whole place was full of people, we did not know where to go as all the attractions had hundreds of people queuing. The first thing we decided to stay in queue for was the boar trips, we spent 1 hour in the queue and it was not moving at all so we decided to leave and come back later. We started walking a bit and there was a pirates show which we watched a bit, but the place was so packed, we could not sit anywhere. Kids seemed to enjoy it, but it never ended so I had to ask children that we were leaving and go see something else. Then we saw the ice cream cafe and decided to get some ice creams. This was the worst part as the queues there was terrible again.

Anyway, we stayed and waited for our turn. Finally our turn came and I asked for what we needed. People working  there were extremely rude, they gave me ice creams which fell on my hands straight away. I told the guy to at least put it for me on plate or something, he refused and gave me a new one after 2o minutes. It fell again on my hands as if they were doing it on purpose. I was so upset, but I could not say much. We went to sit outside and the tables and chairs were so dirty, I could not wait to leave that place. Management were horrible in the ice cream cafe as well.

After the cafe we went to the Miniland where you see all the London sightseeings made up with Legos. It was really nice and we took some photos as well. After this, we went to car rides, spent 45 minutes in the queue and finally got in. Kids were excited but already exhausted from waiting for such a long time. No proper supervision, I had to call the lady working there to remind her to put the seatbelt for children. Another nice thing what we saw was the boat which went around in the lake and it was like forest, full of different fairy-tail characters, but again, people here were so rude, I could not even enjoy the experience.

We then went to the boat rides again and it was already almost time for closing. People were not moving, but some people were going without queues. That’s when I found out that you could get in if you had paid extra for priority tickets which was £80.00, can you imagine? So going there for a day, then kids see nothing as there are too many people, then you can not leave as kids will not be happy, so you are forced to stay for longer, stay in the hotel or get a next day ticket to come back? NO WAY!

Another thing I want to mention, If you really decide to go, you should buy the priority tickets, as I have seen many parents holding their kids and rushing to the emergency room for first aid. Some kids may not feel good and be comfortable in long queues.

This was the worst place indeed I took my children to and I am not going back! everything was super expensive. Balloons starting from £7.00 each. Play games £5.00 for 3 tries and every kid would only win small toys which they were not happy about, so imagine how many tries would you need to have to win a bigger toy? This was just a trap and waste of money.

Overall, I do NOT recommend this place. There is nothing that you will be excited or happy about. I mean, you will be if you spend tons of money, and if you have tons of money, I guess you will have great time anywhere you go with your children.

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