You May Be Past The Point Of Working But You’re Not Out To Pasture Yet

You May Be Past The Point Of Working But You’re Not Out To Pasture Yet pexels photo 320007 - You May Be Past The Point Of Working But You're Not Out To Pasture Yet

In an ideal world, you’ll be able to continue working through your midlife and beyond. While we all dream of retirement, many of us are also reluctant to hang up our careers. Instead, we keep going until we’re physically unable. For some of us, that time doesn’t come until well into our later years. For others, the time to wave goodbye to work comes sooner than expected.

General issues with health could leave you with no choice but to take early retirement. An injury sustained on the job could also leave you unable to continue. In this instance, a disability lawyer should be able to stop you having to dip into your retirement fund early. Even so, heading to the office each morning could soon become a thing of your past.

In reality, though, being past the point of working doesn’t mean you have to put yourself out to pasture. Far from it. Rather than rolling over and accepting premature retirement as a death sentence, get creative. Take this time to embrace the life you’ve always dreamt of. If you’re unsure how to do that, read on to find out.

Pursue sidelines you never had time for

We all have our eyes on sidelines we’ve never made time for. Be it writing a book or selling crafts online; this is something you’ve always fancied doing. Well, now you can. Sidelines are especially useful for early retirement. They ensure you can support yourself without relying on your retirement fund. Hence, you could still argue this is employment of sorts. But, the ability to manage your working conditions and hours saves you from exacerbating the injury which led you to retire in the first place. That’s a lifestyle anyone would envy.

Volunteer for causes you care about

If it’s the social aspect of work you’ll miss, volunteer for causes close to your heart. This is especially viable if you don’t have to worry about money, either due to a hefty retirement pot or legal aid as mentioned above. That way, you’ll be free to dedicate as much time as you can. Again, there’s no reason this needs to exacerbate any injuries. Volunteer work is flexible, and you’ll also find that managers are more willing to meet your needs. You’re dedicating your time for nothing, after all. The least they can do is give you a chair when your back plays you up.


Enjoy yourself

photo 1475053181767 9b735f0b1689?ixlib=rb 0.3 - You May Be Past The Point Of Working But You're Not Out To Pasture Yet

Last, don’t forget to enjoy yourself. Finally get around to making those recipes you never bothered with. Teach yourself how to knit a jumper which fits. Get around to reading all those books on your shelves. Though it may not seem like it, retirement can be the best time of your life. Sure, it’s come sooner than you expected. Far from meaning you’re finished, though, think of this as an extension on your new life. Rather than complaining, realize that you now have longer to dedicate to the things you love most. What’s not to enjoy about that?

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  1. September 15, 2018 / 9:20 am

    Love the points you make in this post. We all go through different stages in life and with each stage, we can identify challenges that bring new meaning and significance for us. So long as you love what you have decided to do and keep busy, you will no doubt keep enjoying all that life has to offer.

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