Prestige Hampers Connoisseurs Wine Case Review

Prestige Hampers Connoisseurs Wine Case Review

I can not believe how quickly summer went by and Christmas is just around the corner too. Soon we will all be starting to find gifts for our loved ones, so we need an inspiration. What if I would tell you that you can now gift hampers to your friends and family without going out and looking for things? As you know, I am a big fan of Prestige Flowers, so when I learned that they also specialise in food and drink hampers, ideal for the fast-approaching festive season, you bet I was keen to find out more.. This year they have been so generous and have sent me the Connoisseurs Wine Case for my honest review.

From beginning, I did not know which Christmas hamper would I receive, so I was really shocked when I opened the very well wrapped, heavy package. Inside the package there was stunning wooden case filled with 6 bottles of wine.

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Inside the case you will find a great selection of wine:

  1. Sierra Greek White Wine – Wine of California
  2. Sierra Greek Red Wine – Wine of California
  3. Cabernet Sauvignon – Wine of Chile
  4. Sauvignon Blanc White Wine – Wine of Chile
  5. Chenin Blanc White Wine – Wine of South Africa
  6. Merlot Red Wine – Wine of South Africa

This is truly a great selection for any wine collector with a mix of white and red wines. They all come housed safely in this lovely box which is just so beautiful to use it as a decoration in the house. The box has very firm locks, you can even display this case openly on your bar.

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The price for the hamper is £129.99, where you get 6 bottles of wine here and very beautiful case. So if you are not sure what to gift to your loved ones, go take a look at their hamper page. I believe you will be able to find Christmas gifts for anyone there. 

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We all know that, with a Christmas hamper, you’re paying for the convenience and the presentation as much as you’re paying for the individual product. £129.99 is hardly bargain basement money, but the return from that is a really impressive-looking gift. Also, Prestige Hampers is a reliable company that has been in the hamper business for a good long while. You can browse through the fresh food, booze, sweet and savoury options and you will be sure to find the perfect gift for anyone. 

All you lovely mummies who read my blog, go have a look…  Which one would you pick?

Prestige Hampers gifted me a hamper in return for an honest review of their product.  All opinions are entirely my own.

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    Wow. Great review. Such a detailed post.

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