How to Identify & Prevent Tooth Decay in Children

How to Identify & Prevent Tooth Decay in Children

Did you know that almost half of children in the UK experience tooth decay by age 8? I did not! Amanda from Dentaly has prepared this amazing guide to children’s oral health to educate us all, where you can learn about:

  • The problems that can affect children’s teeth and mouths
  • Symptoms to look out for and what to do about them
  • Ways to prevent problems like tooth decay and gum disease
  • Ideas for tooth-friendly lunchbox snacks
  • Taking advantage of NHS dental care for children

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The importance of baby teeth

You might be wondering how much milk teeth really matter, since they’re only temporary anyway. Well, there are are several reasons why baby teeth need just as much care as adult teeth.

  1. Pain and discomfort: If you’ve ever suffered with toothache yourself, you’ll know how unpleasant it is. If your child’s teeth become rotten, they’ll be suffering with that pain until the teeth fall out or are removed. Bear in mind that the last of the baby teeth can remain until age 12 or 13.
  2. Appearance: There is nothing cute about a child with a smile full of black teeth. Even if they don’t seem that bothered by them, other people are bound to notice and this may lead to teasing at school.
  3. Speech: We need our teeth to help us pronounce words properly. If your child is missing some baby teeth for an extended period of time, it may affect their speech development.
  4. Healthy adult teeth: Baby teeth have a direct effect on permanent teeth in a couple of ways. Firstly, they save space for the adult tooth to erupt into. If the baby tooth is removed early, other teeth can fill that space, causing problems with the eruption of the adult tooth and increasing the chances of needing braces. Secondly, if decay spreads deep enough into the root of the baby tooth it can actually reach the adult tooth tucked up underneath it – even before that tooth has erupted.

I hope all this information gives you more confidence when it comes to dental health for your children. Getting it right now will help them develop healthier habits as they grow up, so it’s worth investing the time early on since the teething stage. 

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