#BLOGTOBER DAY 7 – National Grandparents Day

#BLOGTOBER DAY 7 – National Grandparents Day

7 - #BLOGTOBER DAY 7 - National Grandparents Day

Did you guys know that 7th of October is celebrated National Grandparents Day here in the UK? I did not know it either. Thanks to #Blogtober I found out when I was researching on the days celebrated in October.

I want to dedicate this post to my parents for being the grandparents they are for my daughters.

Years ago, when I did not yet have my daughters, we would hear from my aunties on how much they loved their grandchildren. My mum would always tell them that they were just saying this. She would say, oh, it is impossible to love your grandchildren more than you love your own children. And yes, that is true! You can probably not love your grandchildren more than your own children, but their love to my daughters is something special and so different.

When I was pregnant with my first daughter, I was not well at all and had very bad pregnancy. I did not know on what to expect after my pregnancy and my mum was thinking that I would be attached to the wheelchair for my whole life and she prayed all the time for me. Her prayers definitely helped me and I am back and healthy again. So my daughters arrival was very emotional to all of us, especially for my parents as they saw me survived and they could see my beautiful daughter who made their life beautiful each and every day. Then I had my second daughter and it got even more fun for them. Now instead of buying presents for one, they buy for two and my house is full of indoor/outdoor toys and what not. Seriously, I do not remember when I last went to buy something for my kids, grandparents do that all of the time.

It is not of course all because of all the presents my kids get. I live with my parents and my elder daughter sleeps with my mum until now. She would not sleep with me. There were few times when my mum had to travel for few days and it was absolute nightmare. My daughter would cry and ask for her all the time. It is not like she do not understand who is her mum, its just that she loves my mum so much, does not want to do anything or go anywhere without her. They go for shopping, swimming pool, nursery, everywhere together 🙂

And my mum loves it, she sometimes tells me that it will not be like this when my daughters grow up, but I truly, honestly want it to be like this forever. I love my parens and I appreciate so much they have done for me and my kids and I want to give it back to them with our love.

I will always teach my children to always love my parents same way.

I have only one grandmother now (she is 75) and I love her so much. I never had same relationship with her, but when you teach your child love, she will love your parents in the same way too.

I want to thank my parents with this post and wish all grandparents out there a very long and happy life with their children and grandchildren.

Thank you so much for reading. I would also love to hear your stories about your grandparents or parents.

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