Perfecting your Smile

Perfecting your Smile

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How many times have you looked at a photo of yourself and wished you had a better smile? No one else will think anything of it, but you will know you could have done better and been happier with the photo. Most of us at some point will wish we had smiled differently, so here are a few tips to help to towards perfection with your smile.

Good Teeth Are A Must

The first step towards a good smile is making sure you are not afraid to show your teeth. No big grins are needed, but your teeth will always show a little if you do not want your smile to look forced.

Cleaning them at least twice a day will not only help to keep them healthy, but it will also keep them looking better too, which is why it should be a vital part of your health and beauty regime. As long as you are using the right technique for brushing, they should always look sparkling clean. For most people, soft bristles are the best as they will clean away any bits of food that are left but will not damage your gums.

You should also pay regular visits to the dentist to ensure that they remain healthy, and to get any problems with your teeth sorted. Twice a year is recommended unless, of course, you suffer problems in between.

Some people are not happy with the colour of their teeth. It is perfectly natural for them sometimes to be beige in colour, but if this is why you are hiding them behind your smile, talk to your dentist about whitening treatments. People only feel this way because the adverts that show actresses and celebrities smiling always seem to display sparkling white teeth.

You should make a friend of your dentist where your teeth are concerned, as they are the best person to let you know if you are cleaning them correctly or flossing often enough. They will also be able to help you cosmetically if you have some crooked teeth.


Don’t Say Cheese For Photos

Whatever you do, don’t say cheese for a photo has it will make your smile look as though it has been stuck to your face. If you really want o do something to make you smile look better, trying sucking your cheeks in slightly or say ‘ha-ha’. These are much more effective ways of getting a perfect smile.


Practice Makes Perfect

Practice your smile in front of a mirror until it exactly how you want it to be. Once you have perfected it, keep practising, as eventually, it will become the natural way for you to smile. Then you will not worry about it again, and will just smile whenever you want. It may take weeks and weeks of practice, but you will perfect it in the end.


Take Your Smile To Your Eyes

When people smile with their eyes as well as their mouth it always seems more genuine. When people are wearing sunshade you cannot see their eyes of course, but when you do not have your shades on, light up your whole face with a smile that reaches your eyes.

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