#Blogmas Day 5 – Prism Watercolour Pencils Review

#Blogmas Day 5 – Prism Watercolour Pencils Review

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As you might already know Elizabeth loves colouring so you can probably guess the excitement she had when we received these amazing watercolour pencils from Hunkydory Crafts. 

The Prism Watercolour Pencil colour palette includes a wide range of 48 wonderful colours which have been chosen especially to blend beautifully together.

The rich and deep pigments in Prism Watercolour Pencils allow for a rainbow of colour to be simply and easily added to your projects. This colour can be laid down in a number of different ways and the intensity can be reduced simply by adding a larger volume of water to the pigment.

The carry roll contains a massive 48 pencils, each with their own different 3mm coloured lead at the centre. Chosen to ensure you have the widest array of colours possible, Prism Watercolour Pencils can also be blended to create an infinite number of colours, guaranteeing you the perfect tone or shade for your project each and every time.

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Waterbrushes from Hunkydory are designed to work perfectly with watercolour pencils.

This pack includes three brushes, each with different sizes tips: small, medium and large, suitable for a variety of watercolour techniques from washing the page, to more intricate detail.

Each brush contains a reservoir for water, and water flow is controlled by simply squeezing the brush. There’s no need for messy cups of water that you have to keep cleaning out. You can even ‘wash’ the colour out of your brush by just squeezing.

The ergonomic handle is comfortable to hold, and the water reservoir is easily replenished, so you can get on with crafting!

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Prism Watercolour Pencils £24.99

Prism Crafting Handbook Vol. 2 – Prism Watercolour Pencils £9.99

Premier Craft Tools – Waterbrush Trio – £7.99

Elizabeth really enjoyed playing with these items as she really loves painting and colouring things. This is now a great addition to our collection.



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