#Blogmas Day 12 – Email from Santa

#Blogmas Day 12 – Email from Santa

As you know, Elizabeth has sent the letter to Santa yesterday, we were so surprise to see the email reply in our inbox today.

Here it is 🙂


Screen Shot 2018 12 11 at 21.03.47 - #Blogmas Day 12 - Email from Santa

London, United Kingdom

What a nice surprise Elizabeth!

#1, Rudolph Way Reindeerland, North Pole SAN TA1

Tuesday, December 12, 2018

Ho!-Ho!-Hello there! I was so excited to see I had a letter from London waiting in my inbox. I was really hoping to hear from you, Elizabeth, and now you’ve made my day extra special! The Internet sure is wonderful because now I never feel lonely all the way up at the North Pole. I can get those wonderful Christmas letters any time of the year now, but it’s always special when I get one from you, Elizabeth.

Well call me the King of Jing-a-Ling, Elizabeth! Are you really and truly 4 years old already?!? I’ll bet you’re really excited about Christmas! Everyone at the North Pole sure is! Are you looking forward to me visiting your home? I know Rudolph is really excited about going to your home!

Sherlock Elf himself was checking up on you not too long ago. He couldn’t believe the reports from the other detective elves so he had to go see for himself. Do you remember what you did? Well Sherlock Elf saw you do it! He put it into his Naughty & Nice report to me. He also wrote a lot of other things he saw you do. Now, there’s always time for things to change before Christmas Eve, but Sherlock Elf told me that, overall, you’ve been a good girl.

Let’s see what you put in your letter for Christmas wishes: 1. elza’s dress; 2. barbie house and; 3. chocolates.

HO!! Ho!! ho!! Mrs Claus will be thrilled to hear you like Barbie things just like her! She loves helping the elves make all the wonderful Barbie things. I guess you know there’s only so much room in the sleigh though so I hope you won’t be too upset with me if I can’t bring you everything you wanted.

Yummy, some chocolate! Mrs Claus always reminds me that ‘stressed’ is just ‘desserts’ spelled backwards! I think that is very true at Christmastime, don’t you?

Well, I better go feed the reindeer and polish Rudolph’s nose with nose wax. Have to make sure everything’s ready for the big day! Take care Elizabeth and don’t forget to come back and visit me here at emailSanta.com on Christmas Eve!! And remember… only

14 more sleeps until Christmas!!

Lots of Christmas Love…

ir?t=kristinesblog 21&l=alb&o=2&a=B06WWQCYSC - #Blogmas Day 12 - Email from Santa

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