#Blogmas Day 23 – Meeting Santa Claus

#Blogmas Day 23 – Meeting Santa Claus

Girls have been waiting for this opportunity all year long and finally the day has come. We really wanted girls to see Santa’s Grotto in one of the Westfield’s shopping centres, but unfortunately we could not get tickets on time. We still managed to visit Santa in his local grotto and girls were really excited. Especially Elizabeth. Eva seemed like she was excited as well, but she cried when we got closer to Santa so I did not push her to go and sit with him just for the photo. I let her do her thing and watch Elizabeth from outside.

Elizabeth really had a good time, but she did shy away a bit. She took presents both for her and for Eva. We also made lots of photos and videos. She was telling me that Santa told her ”I love you” and that he also commented on their matching hats 🙂

They both received presents with books and were very excited about that!

Elizabeth was telling about her experience to everyone all day long.

I am glad that we decided to meet Santa this year as this is something girls have always been excited about.

Screen Shot 2018 12 23 at 17.58.29 1 - #Blogmas Day 23 - Meeting Santa Claus

Have you seen Santa yet? Let us know in the comments below.


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