#Blogmas Day 26 – Win Big With Lotto Social

#Blogmas Day 26 – Win Big With Lotto Social

Everyone wants to win on the lottery. But the way to play hasn’t changed since forever. You buy a ticket, you wait for the draw. Where’s the fun in that? It’s time to shake things up a bit. Lotto Social has made playing lottery fun again. Especially in this time of a year, why not give your luck a chance? 

Picture1 - #Blogmas Day 26 - Win Big With Lotto Social

Reasons to why you should join Lotto Social: 

  1. If you like playing the lottery, why not make it a bit more social and fun, and join a syndicate today – you get more chances to win,
  2. Plus they give you plenty of freebies with free instant win and skill games…and the best bit is, they pay out real cash prizes up to £7k even though they are free.
  3. With one in 5 jackpots won by syndicates and the fact you get more chances to win the jackpot, it’s a fun way to play and join others in dreaming about what to do with your winnings!
  4. Plus they give you the chance to play in the other world lotteries too (like the US Powerball & MegaMillions) – get other lotteries at no extra cost using you bonus credit (if you choose to take credit instead of cash they give you 4 x the amount in bonus credit)
  5. And if that’s not enough, you can feel good whilst playing too – not only are you giving to the National Lottery Good causes, Lotto Social also give to other community based charities, and they ask you to help them decide which charities to give to

A few simple steps – never miss a draw again:

  1. Register with your mobile number (it’s used as your unique identifier)
  2. Enter credit card details – £5 per week, discounted just for you to £1 for your first draw.  Remember you can cancel at any time too
  3. Start playing the free games you get immediately on sign up – you might win even before the draws happen!
  4. Check to see if you have won! There’s often a little surprise waiting – including more free games.

What I like the most about Lotto Social: 

  • They are not a betting site, they provide genuine National Lottery lines, arranged in to syndicates.
  • When you sign up, you become a MEMBER and NOT a PLAYER.
  • This is an on-going membership. Don’t refer to a subscription.
  • They refer to having Euromilions ‘lines’ and not ‘tickets’ in each draw
  • Members enter ‘draws’ and not ‘games’
  • You must be 16+ to play

Make money by referring your friends and family

I love being rewarded for sharing the things that I love with my friends and family, as well as showing you ways for you to increase your income by doing the same.

For every friend or family member that you refer to Lotto Social, you can get:

  • £5 in withdraw-able cash
  • £5 credit to spend on Lotto Social
  • 1,000 points

What’s more, your friends and family will earn themselves 1,000 points by using your link, as well as saving money by using Lotto Social.

It really is a win win situation, and that is before you have won anything using the free credit!

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