#Blogmas Day 30 – Mum Blogger Year In Review 2018

#Blogmas Day 30 – Mum Blogger Year In Review 2018

Double Down - #Blogmas Day 30 - Mum Blogger Year In Review 2018


2018 has been a great year in my blogging journey. In January 2018, I have brought my domain kristinesblog.com

I was not too sure what to call my website as I was still not sure what niche would I stick to. I really want to have a parenting blog, but could not resist reviewing beauty products, giving lifestyle advices and of course, sharing my travel experiences with my readers. Now I have around 500 page views daily on my blog. I know this is nothing comparing to other blogs in my niche, but for me this is huge achievement as I was really scared if people would find my blog interesting or not. Even if I do not get a lot of monthly visitors, my DA has grown from 1 to 18 in about 7 months.


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In January 2018, I have also started YouTube channel for my girls Elizabeth & Eva TV .

Again, not knowing which path we would take here. We started uploading just random videos of girls, then as we started getting more viewers and subscribers, I decided to accept product reviews as well, but mainly focusing on kids. Keep in mind that in April, 2010, YouTube has changed the monetization policy and if in  the past 10000 views along with 1000 subscribers was enough to get monetized, new rules stated that we needed to have 4000 watch hours along with 1000 subscribers in order to get monetized. This was very discouraging for us, as I really wanted to be in the game of YouTube and make my kids channel successful.

So we kept going and in September 2018, in just under 8 months, we got monetized. By this time, we had already published around 45 videos and I got into editing a lot. Now I can say that making YouTube videos, makes me happy. Not only me, it also makes my girls happy.

As soon as we have free time, Elizabeth always asks to film something, wether it’s an unboxing or review video. Both are super comfortable in front of the camera and also have their signature intros and outros at this point. During this time we have also participated in Vlogtober and Vlogmas challenges, which meant uploading videos on daily basis throughout the month.

To encourage other small YouTubers, we have created hashtag #worldsyoungestyoutuber on Instagram, so feel free to use it if you or your kids have YouTube channels.


I started Instagram long time ago, long before I had kids and I have total of just over 5000 followers, for me Instagram is the hardest platform to grow onto as I find people doing follow/unfollow game a lot this days, but hopefully next year we can concentrate with it even more.


Sae thing here as I have basically no followers on Twitter, the only thing I post here is the automatically scheduled blog posts or YouTube videos.

Facebook Page

One of the successful things I have done this year was setting up the Facebook page for my girls. We have here around 4k followers and really good engagement. Facebook page also gives us a lot of traffic to our YouTube channel.

Overall, I am really happy what we managed to achieve in 2018 as I have not been able to work on my socials daily. As a mum of two, I think this is a great achievement for all of us.


My blog has about 200 followers on Pinterest and during the times when I manage to pin my photos and schedule posts, I get a lot of traffic from there. I am looking forward to register on Pinterest courses in 2019 to up the Pinterest game.

I am looking forward to 2019. I have a lot of plans for my blog, YouTube channel and other social platforms and main thing is, I have motivation and a huge desire to grow.

Happy New Year to you guys and I wish you all the success in your life. May 2019 bring you a lot of health, happiness, love, success and all you wish for.

With best wishes,



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