Babyproofing Your Home

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Babyproofing Your Home

This is a collaborative post with Hannah. She is a recent first-time mum who enjoys all things baby-related. She studied journalism and is now working as a part-time freelance blogger.

As a first-time mum it was easy to get overwhelmed with all the check-lists and all the baby books that I made myself read over and over again. I wanted to make sure when my little one was born everything would be perfect, that most of all – I would be the best mum I could be. More overwhelming was all the other parents who would tell me what to do and how to do it. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate all the help I can get, but it was so much information to keep in mind in such a short period of time (or at least it seemed like it!).

Some quick backstory. I live in London with my partner, who works full-time in the city centre. Both of our families live a bit further away, in Somerset and Lancaster, respectively.

When my little one (Alfie) was born, all my worries disappeared. I completely fell in love when I saw his little face and forgot all about my concerns. I’ve always had babyproofing on my to-do list, but in the first few months, I kept pushing it back to the end of the list. There was so much to do besides childproofing the house that it just … happened.

However, at around seven months, Alfie started to crawl around the house, and it was then, that I decided that it was time to babyproof everything and anything. I was determined to do this on my own as it had to be done anyways. I started to research more about how to do it, reading many articles about babyproofing. The Baby Centre’s babyproofing checklist was super helpful and very detailed.

My plan was set. I was going to start childproofing each area at a time when little Alfie was sleeping. However, it was easier said than done, and unfortunately, I couldn’t plan everything. I ended up falling asleep with him during the day and barely had any time to actually do some babyproofing and decided to ask for help. I found a handyman in London, the Handy Squad, who offer babyproofing services in London and Surrey, so I gave them a go.

A few hours after requesting a quote for a handyman to childproof my home, I received a call from Ross at the Handy Squad, who said that he would be available on the day that I requested. We spoke about an estimated cost of the work and then, the appointment was set. At least now I felt like I could relax a bit more.

Ross from the Handy Squad arrived on time and was very polite. He ran me through how he would babyproof each area as we walked around the house. It was definitely a good choice to have another set of eyes in the house. As a professional, he was able to spot hazards that I completely dismissed.

He started babyproofing the kitchen, probably the most fascinating and dangerous room of the whole house for little Alfie. Probably is an understatement, the kitchen was definitely the room which required one-hundred percent babyproofing. Ross fit catches on the bottom cupboards, where I had all the cleaning supplies and other cupboards with the fancy tableware, as well as on our built-in washing machine and dishwasher.

All electrical sockets which were close to the floor were fitted with socket protectors and all doors were fitted with hinge protectors, to safeguard Alfie’s little fingers. Ross also fixed heavy furniture to the wall and made sure every sharp corner was fitted with a plastic cover.

Other areas in the house were also babyproofed. I double-checked online by reading the Bump’s baby proofing checklist and everything was safe and ready for little Alfie to start exploring. I was very happy with Ross’ professionalism and efficiency. Thank you, Handy Squad, for helping me with an extra pair of hands.

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