Decorate Toddlers Room with Icon Wall Stickers

Decorate Toddlers Room with Icon Wall Stickers

I have been trying to decorate my toddler’s room for a while now. We got rid of their old bed which was basically still brand new, but girls did not like to sleep in it and was taking up too much space. So we got new bed, but the room still lacked something. When I found out about Icon Wall Stickers, I thought I could give it a try. They have kindly gifted me with a set if Princess Castle In Enchanted Wood Wall Mural Wallpaper in exchange of a review and I loved it.

Let me first give you a brief about the company, Icon Wall Stickers are UK based company. They provide stunning wall stickers to customers all around the world, allowing everyone to create eye-catching decor in homes or businesses. They use the most advanced HP Latex Printers and materials in order to create long lasting wall stickers with a superb quality.

I have received the order very safely packed. Wall murals come with a glue which you need to mix in cold water and apply to the stickers. They were very easy to work with. I did not want to take chances and destroy them so I let my dad do the job 🙂 He was also amazed to how easily it applied. We mixed the powder glue in around 3lt cold water and it was enough to apply even on the walls. It has been well over a week now that those murals are on the wall and they have not moved. They look perfect and blended very nicely on the wall, even when the wall was not very nice. Our house is very old and walls have a lot of bumps, but fortunately they stayed up very nicely!

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In the past, I did stop myself from buying these kind of stickers for kids room as I was not sure if they would fit on our wall. What I love about Icon Wall Stickers is that, you can go to their website and insert the measurements for your wall or window. Anything that you want to apply them on and they will give you a quote. The stickers also have about 20cm of extra paper on them in case you make a mistake in measurements.

I just love looking at and can not believe how happy it made all of us at home 🙂 Now it feels like gils have their own adventure in their room. Most importantly, the spaces stick very nicely next to each other so kids can not dig them out (they have already tried) so I can stay its completely babyproof.

Icon Wall Stickers use UPS to deliver their orders so you can track your order anytime and the prices for shipping are:

  • UK standard 2-3 working days Free
  • UK next day 1 working day £7.49
  • International 2-5 working days £5.59

Icon Wall Stickers give you 100% satisfaction guarantee is offered with a 60-day return period to ensure complete order fulfilment. They offer a huge collection of wall stickers that are completely customisable. Alternatively, you can submit your own design or image to create a unique wall sticker just for you. They offer 50% discount on most wall stickers right now.

I would definitely be ordering more wall murals from Icon Wall Stickers for other rooms in the future.

So what do you think? I cant wait to hear your thoughts 🙂

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This item was gifted to me in exchange for review, of course all opinions are my own! ;) 

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