What Does Your Hair Colour Say About You?

What Does Your Hair Colour Say About You?

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We’ve already looked at what your eye colour might say about your personality, but your hair may have something to do with it, too. These aren’t hard and fast rules, but the generalisations seem to hold true most of the time.


Blondes have loud, carefree personalities. They like to be the center of attention, but they know how to curl up by the fire with a great Netflix original. You rarely get a night in because your phone is always blowing up with something to do, even if it’s just dinner with family. Your carefree spirit can get you in trouble, but that’s ok because you love keeping your mind sharp and living for the moment.


So many people are opting for highlights to lighten their dark locks, but you prefer to keep it natural. You are down to earth, focused, and always have a plan. You may even be a workaholic, and you’re definitely always on the go. You love to stay busy because you would get bored otherwise, even if that means you’re up to your elbows in shopping for Bonds kids because your kids are your focus right now. Your passion and your drive have led to many achievements, and you’re proud of your ambition and who you are.


The term fiery redhead had to come from somewhere. Perhaps it’s the reputation that redheads get for having bright personalities. You are sassy and sarcastic, causing you to burn bridges with people who don’t understand or can’t handle being too close to the flame. You don’t mind sharing your opinions. In fact, you prefer to be outspoken and won’t let others get you down.


Your quiet, laid back personality is deeply rooted in the solid, constant colour of your hair. You are firm in your beliefs, and they rarely change. You enjoy a quiet evening with a good book, talking about politics or world issues, and soaking up the stillness of the night. You love the local coffee shop, hat chain restaurants, and think reality television is a waste of time. You are fiercely loyal and relish a challenging conversation. Some may find you mysterious or intimidating, but your hair is the only thing about you that’s black.

You may have a mixture of these colours or personalities, and the rules aren’t hard and fast, but chances are I’ve pinpointed at least a part of you that resonates and tells a little bit about you from your hair.

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