How I Edit My Photos for All Social Media Using Fotor

Untitled design 2 - How I Edit My Photos for All Social Media Using Fotor

How I Edit My Photos for All Social Media Using Fotor

Being a parenting blogger, surely does not make it easy to keep up with the trends going on social media. Every single day there is something new. You go to Instagram and you see some amazing feeds, you try to get the similar looks, you go to those amazing blogs, you are blown away and always wonder how and where do they get this editing softwares, which ones to people mostly use? Since I had started blogging, making YouTube videos and posting on social media, I can not even tell you how many different programs and editing softwares I had used, free or paid.

Recently I came across ”Fotor” which is an online photo editor, super easy to use on laptop or mobile. This is a great software if you want to edit photo,  as I mentioned earlier, I have been using all of those different programs for each of my social media. On Fotor I have everything in one place. Wether you want to create a YouTube channel art, facebook cover, twitter cover or even a resume, flyer or certificates, in Fotor you will find templates for everything.

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When you go to clipart, you can choose from a bevy of professionally cultivated clipart, stickers, vectors, and illustrations that are completely free to incorporate into your photos and graphic designs for all occasions. This is one of my favourite parts as I tend to use this images a lot in our videos. 

The website is super easy to navigate, when you are logged in to your account which you can create through email or Facebook, on the right in the search box you can type what kind of template you are after. for example, I need Pinterest template for this post, so I typed in Pinterest.

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As you see, the search results has given me a lot of results, in different Pinterest sizes, but the most important part is that on the left there is another search box where I can search what kind of Pinterest Image I am looking for so I can get the inspiration for the image. I wanted something with camera or photo in it so I typed in Photo and it has again given me a lot of results with photo theme in it.

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Here you can go ahead and easily design your template and choose from hundreds of beautiful fonts. For Blog photos, YouTube thumbnails and Pinterest images, I use the laptop version and for Facebook & Instagram, I use the mobile app which is super cool and I will show you why.

#1 is the photo of my daughters which I have not edited and #2 is a photo of them which I edited using Fotor’s focus option.

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I love the focus feature and I tend to use it so much more for our Instagram feed.  You have so many options here with collages too where you can choose from classic or magazine style collages.

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What I love most about the mobile app, they have their own social media where you can participate in challenges and win prizes, e.g. now I am participating in ”take portraits with your phone” challenge, there are so many talented photographers using this, I can not even compete with them, but it is so nice to see what can be done using Fotor.

If you want to keep up with 2019 graphic design trends I would definitely recommend checking out Fotor. While you may not know what this new year has in store for you, you can at least adapt what you produce to adhere to these possible graphic design trends that may blow up big, proliferating your work among thousands of people, maybe even millions. Sometimes it doesn’t take much more than timing and luck to become someone known in your industry, but as long as you have talent and Fotor helping you express your ideas in the most professional and beautiful ways, it won’t be long before you become discovered.

Have you ever used Fotor? what are your thoughts on it?


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  1. December 19, 2019 / 12:30 pm

    Fotor is a great editor to edit your photos and advertise on social media. It has quick and professional results to set contrasts, color schemes, and shades of your photos. I would recommend using Fotor to use, which is just a photoshop alternative. Great Work!


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