Please Travel Responsibly

Please Travel Responsibly

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Travel is a privilege. We all know and appreciate that. But, it does come at a cost. In an age where environmental issues matter, it’s crucial to note the impact travel can have. The very thing which enables you to see the world is going a long way towards destroying it. Tourism is responsible for nearly one-tenth of the world’s carbon emissions. Not to mention the litter and so forth left in the world’s most remote locations each year.

Does this mean, then, that you can never enjoy a trip abroad again? Does it mean future generations can’t ever travel? Not at all. But, if you go away often, you may want to consider the ways you can lessen the environmental impact of your trips. This needn’t even be as difficult as you expect, as you can see from the following pointers.


Stay closer to home some years

What could be easier than staying closer to home for some holidays? It’s astounding how many amazing things there are to do right here in the UK. Opting for them instead of more exotic trips saves you on everything from hassle to cost. And, guess what? It can protect the environment, too. You won’t need to rely on a plane to get you where you’re going. If you travel by train or some other public transport, you can cut emissions even more. Next time you plan a trip, then, do a little research. You may find that iconic locations like the Lake District offer more than you ever realised. By alternating between abroad and home holidays, you could make a massive difference to your travel footprint.



Give something back

It’s also possible to give something back to the destinations which you love the most. While this can’t undo any environmental damage, it can help to preserve landscapes. Volunteering for conservation efforts during your stay can help you protect any wildlife at risk from the tourist trade. Equally, charity challenges like those offered by Global Adventure Challenges are a fantastic option here. They ensure you see the best sites in a location, while also raising proceeds you can donate to local causes. In the long run, the good you do here could even outweigh any damage which may come about from your travels.


Ditch the hotels

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It isn’t just your mode of travel transport which can do damage, either. Hotels also have a pretty hefty carbon footprint thanks to cleaning and electricity bills. What’s more, there are now plenty of alternatives to hotels which you can choose from, all of which are better for the environment. Camping would be best here, but you don’t even have to go to that extreme. Even booking up an Airbnb would be a better option.

As you can see, these are all simple and easy steps. By implementing them into your travels from now on, you can preserve the planet you love so much. You can also teach your kids all about the right way to travel.

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