Trending Makeup Styles for Summer 2019

Trending Makeup Styles for Summer 2019

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The makeup trends for summer 2019 will be a lot of fun whether you are seeking dramatic looks, low key looks, or anything between. Look for high-quality products that are easy to use, won’t settle into fine lines, and products that do not have a dry or cakey finish. The most attractive trends will work on a wide variety of skin types and colors such as the clean skin look. You will only use concealer where needed to pull off this no foundation look. If you feel you need foundation, avoid the matte look and try to go for a more natural or even dewy look.

When making your beauty product selections for summer, you will definitely need to pay some attention to your eyes. Watercolor eyeshadow is a very pretty and unique look that can range from delicately beautiful to beautifully dramatic. Pretty pastels are a must-have option for summer as are the fun neon colors that have only been gaining in popularity over the past few years. You will be able to have fun with neon yellows, greens, blues, and oranges this summer. With these looks, you can complement the colors in your clothing or wear a simple outfit and get the head-turning looks with your pretty face and eyes.

Choosing a taupe or pink eyeshadow will easily add a pretty touch with a muted color. You can also try the no mascara look, with or without eyeshadow or eyeliner. Some people will turn into a temporary beauty product tester to find the perfect mascara, but summer 2019 no mascara look is attractive and unique. If you find that you really don’t like it you can always add mascara. For a different look with mascara, apply it in a way that clumps lashes together. You can go all out with your own creative touch by creating art on or around your eyes with black eyeshadow or liner. Emojis, Chinese characters, and unique wings are just a few options to try.

When winging your eye makeup, don’t limit yourself to just black, try other colors and try adding glitter to make your eyes stand out more whether you are out in the sun, at dinner, or in a nightclub. Goldeyes are another winner for the summer of 2019 as is under eye liner. You can pair these two for a regal look. For a truly unique look, paint your eyebrows your favorite color and stand out with confidence.

You will still find red lips trending this summer but in a glossy red rather than matte. Even the true purple lip made its way down catwalks recently creating an unexpected and pretty pop of color. Don’t let the sound of purple, red, or even neon shades frighten you away from trying them. The trick is choosing the shade that suits your skin color. You will find many shade options to try to find just the right shade for you no matter which colors you want to wear.

Easily done with simple tools, well-groomed eyebrows are another trending makeup style for the summer of 2019. Pair them with the softer version of a smokey eye to take you from day to night with ease. To get the softer version of a smokey eye you can use shades of taupe or amethyst with a light smudge below the eyes. Smoothing on a thin layer of gloss will give a sheen to your look.

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