Update Your Wardrobe with These Three Must-Have Trendy and Stylish Summer Shoes

Update Your Wardrobe with These Three Must-Have Trendy and Stylish Summer Shoes

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As you start to bring all your summer clothes and shoes to the front of your closet in anticipation of the warm weather that is just around the corner, now is a good time to take stock of what you’ve got and figure out where you could do a little updating. Just because you’re a mom now it doesn’t mean that you can’t indulge in trendy and stylish items for your wardrobe. In fact, these items often help you to feel more modern and confident.

Here we’ll take a look at three must-have trendy and stylish summer shoes that will give your wardrobe an instant update. These can be paired with all kinds of outfits, making them versatile as well.

High-End Sandals

While there is certainly nothing wrong with the garden variety flip-flops that you can find for just a couple of dollars in any big box store, the fact is that they are far from trendy; nor are they supportive and comfortable. Wanting to spend the summer months in a pair of sandals is normal, so why not treat your feet to shoes that offer comfort, support, and yet are still stylish. This is when a pair of high-end sandals can really fit the bill.

A couple of tips are to look for sandals that are made with durable material that will hold up well to moisture (rain and sweat), are easy to clean, feature arch support, and ensure that your foot is secure in the shoe and won’t slip out.

Sneakers that Make a Statement

For many moms, the summer months involve plenty of walks to the around the neighborhood, playing at the park with the kids, visiting theme/amusement parks, and just a whole lot of walking and exploring in general. This is why sneakers are a must, but not just any old pair, ones that make a statement. Statement sneakers can just as easily be paired with shorts, capris, jeans, and even sundresses.

A great example is the Gucci sneakers available on SSENSE. Gucci is known for not only being on trend but setting those trends and dictating what direction style is heading in. SSENSE has a few different Gucci sneakers to choose from, each with their own distinct look. And just as expected from a high-end designer, these shoes are built to last with durable materials. While you’re at it, you can also check out all the other summer-appropriate Gucci shoes on SSENSE. SSENSE is well-known for carrying the best of the best, and all the top designers.

The Dressy Mule

Now you may be wondering what you can wear on those days you want to look really put together and dressed up? This is when the summer mule works perfectly! This particular style is famous for showing up on runways every few years or so. They just are so versatile, can be made in a variety of materials and colors, and the heel height can vary, which changes up the look of the shoe.

You Can’t Go Wrong with These

Whether you pick up just one of these must-have shoes, or all three, you can’t go wrong with these.

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