Snazzy Home Improvements to Add a Touch of Class

Snazzy Home Improvements to Add a Touch of Class

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When you’re a mum with a young child or two, making improvements to your home is the last thing on your mind. It’s hard enough to keep up with what’s going on every day. When the kids are a bit older and they’re at school, or on the weekend when they’re playing happily in the garden, it’s time to consider what comes next. It’s only then when thoughts about home improvements can be considered with some mental clarity.

Here are some ideas for pleasant improvements that should improve what’s already there.

New Venetian Blinds

To add a touch of class to your windows, consider a set of wooden venetian blinds. They look sleek and sophisticated with a cream exterior that fits well into any existing pastel-based colour scheme in the room. While they can be used in the kitchen to block early sun shining through, they’re equally suited for use in the living room too.

This set of Venetian blinds from DotcomBlinds are incredibly popular due to them being durable and waterproof. This is helpful if you accidentally leave the window open on an afternoon with spring showers. These blinds use easy to handle cords to adjust the degree that the slats are open to the sun. The same cord lowers down or raises the blinds up too.

Upgrade the Lighting

Modernising the lighting is probably well overdue. If you haven’t changed the lighting fixtures in the last few years, then there will be some delightful alternatives to choose from. You may also be overpaying on electricity if you’ve yet to switch over to eco-friendly light bulbs. Did you know that you can control the lighting with eco-bulbs right from your smartphone? Yes, really…

Along with smart lighting, a change in lighting fixtures resolves problems with insufficient lighting levels. This means no longer putting up with lighting that’s in the wrong place on the ceiling compared to where your sofa and armchairs are now positioned. Add more lighting fixtures or at least extra lamps to brighten up the darker spots. This isn’t the Dark Ages!

Create a Reading Nook

A reading nook is an excellent way to have a place for reading that’s away from it all. While someone else takes care of the kids, mum can steal herself away to pick up her Kindle e-reader and dive into a favourite novel.

Nooks don’t have to be difficult to create. They can be a well-lit corner of a room or its own special space. An oversized plush cushion, an armchair or something else can be used to sit comfortably while reading. You’ll know what will work well for you.

Just make sure that there’s sufficient light so that you don’t hurt your eyes. If you’re planning to read in the hours before bedtime using a smartphone or tablet, then we ‘d recommend a blue light filtering app to remove light sources that will complicate sleep later.

Any update you make to your home should be with an eye for comfort, with value added and something a little bit special. It’s certainly unnecessary to make significant changes right away if you don’t wish to. Incremental adjustments are fine too.

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