Old Smartphones: 5 things you can do with them

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5 Things to Do With an Old Smartphone

We all have that extra mobile phone that’s gathering dust in a box, a drawer or somewhere in the attic.

Thinking of reusing that phone, but don’t know what for? We have 5 ideas for you.

  1. Make Something New

Old smartphone devices can be turned into new things that can be used for various functions. Some of the most useful projects include setting up a music player, an eBook reader, a remote or a dedicated camera or VoIP device.

Remote Control. Do you find yourself wasting precious time each day trying to locate your TV remote? Avoid this hassle again by repurposing your old phone into a high-tech remote. All you’ll need to do is download the appropriate remote app for your Smart TV or set top box such as Roku or Apple TV, then pairing it every time you open it to watch.

eBook Reader. Book lovers will have a great time with a dedicated eBook reader. Download your favorite e-Reader app, e.g., Kindle or any free ones, load it up with books and get reading. You can also plug in your earphones or headphones and listen to audiobooks or podcasts.

VoIP Device. Instead of having to buy a tablet or an iPad for video calls and FaceTime, why not use that old tech? Download Skype, Viber or any popular VoIP app and keep the mobile device tethered close to a charging station and Wi-Fi.

Music Player. Every household or apartment must have a sound system that can reliably blast out tunes. You won’t have to spend a dime to get the party going- all you’ll need is your old cell phone, a streaming music app and good speakers (either Bluetooth or wired).


  1. Gift As A Hand Me Down

If your old phone is still working and you have the latest eBook reader, music system or tablet, then you can give it away to someone who has helped you in the past, to a family member, a relative or someone you know who’ll appreciate it.

Test the device and see if it can make a call, browse the internet or download apps. Then, gather up the charging adapter, cable and any accessory you may have. As a nice gesture, you can pre-load the phone with apps that the recipient might like, e.g., a music player, Netflix or YouTube after doing a factory reset.

Also, make sure the phone is ready to use all carrier networks, so the function won’t be limited. You can keep it and use as a backup if you’re constantly running out of juice on your primary device.


  1. Sell Your Old Phone For Cash

Most people would think of selling their old cellphones for cash to get back on the investment they made for that item.

We’d recommend this method if the old gadget is still working and you still have the box, charger and accessories. Consider the options you have on the internet and list your item on popular marketplaces such as Facebook, Craigslist or eBay, depending on your preference.

In order to start selling, you will need to upload a photo of the device. Then, put in some helpful information, such as the age, condition and features of the phone. Wait for interested buyers, then agree to a place on where you can do the exchange.

If that sounds like too much hassle, then you can go to reputable sites like Plunc Tech Recycling. Request for an item appraisal online, and if the figure sounds good then you can send it in and wait for the cash. It’s quick and you won’t have to wait for interested buyers to get rid of your old tech.


  1. Recycle If It’s Beyond Repair

Have a cellphone that has seen better days? If it’s cracked, can’t hold a charge or most of its functions are gone, then consider having it recycled for parts.

Recycling is one of the most responsible things a consumer can do. Don’t just throw out your things because they’ll just end up as landfill and pollute the environment. Recycling centers can still find ways to reuse devices or harvest valuable parts to produce a new gadget.


  1. Make A Charitable Donation

Call up your local school, library or youth center and drop off your old smartphone, tablet or laptop computer.

These organizations will welcome any item, including used and refurbished ones, and you’ll feel good about contributing to society.

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