The Best Summer Perfumes for Women 2019

Floral And Centered 1 - The Best Summer Perfumes for Women 2019

The Best Summer Perfumes for Women 2019

Summer is my favourite season and I could not wait for it to come around to write this post. As you know I always share my favourite perfumes for each season and this time I have gathered some of my most favourites too. So it’s officially that time of year to switch up our go-to fragrances and try out a new and exciting perfume that will totally welcome the warm season.

I never used to be a floral scent fan, but this time, I decided to go out of my comfort zone and try new floral perfumes. the very first one in the list is this Chanel Chance. You know how much I love the Allure from Chanel, but I HAD to go for something else, I mean I still keep my 3 bottles of Chanel Allure as a back up but Chanel Chance was a great discovery. I had smelt it before, but was not too sure how it would suit me. This has mainly Lemon and Musk notes with a middle notes of Bulgarian Rose, Clary Sage, Peony, Turkish Rose. I call this my ”happy fragrance” and wear it on a very sunny day when I am having my day. Chance is for a daily wear but of course you can wear it at any occasion. Chanel Chance retails for £71.32 for 50ml.

chanel chance eau fraiche eau de toilette for women 100 ml   26 - The Best Summer Perfumes for Women 2019

My second favourite this hot season is Elizabeth Arden’s White Tea Wild Rose which is another floral fragrance made for happy, optimistic and romantic women. Elizabeth Arden was one of the first ones to apply the results of scientific research to beauty products. She urged women to stay hydrated, keep away from direct sunlight and practise yoga every day. Living by what she preached, Elizabeth lived to be 87 and created one of the most respected empires in the beauty industry. One of my favourite foundations are also from Elizabeth Arden and I was super impressed with White Tea Wild Rose too which currently retails for £22.99 in 30ml. Top notes in White Tea are Palmarosa, Pear Blossom, Red Currant, White Tea with the base notes of Amber, Maté, Musk & Tonka Beans. 

elizabeth arden white tea wild rose eau de toilette for women 30 ml   3 - The Best Summer Perfumes for Women 2019

Have you ever seen this Eau de Toilette Les Sorbets de Luna from Nina Ricci? Isn’t the bottle just gorgeous? this one is straight up description of a joy, excitement and carefree holiday atmosphere and surrounds you with lightness and freshness. I love this one so much, smells like Bergamot & Pear and one of those not too florally floral fragrances in the market. Especially made for the modern, self-confident woman. I am super happy with this addition to my collection. It retails for £57.39 for 30ml and so worth the price.

nina ricci les sorbets de luna eau de toilette for women 80 ml   3 - The Best Summer Perfumes for Women 2019

The next one I really love so much is Marc Jacobs Daisy Love Eau So Sweet which is also fresh, sweet, floral and fruity perfume. Daisy Love Eau So Sweet is a lighter version of the Daisy Love Eau de Parfum from 2018. It is a combination of the addictive and irresistible spirit of the original with an unexpected airy freshness. The face of the fragrance’s campaign is the model Kaia Gerber who perfectly embodies a carefree young woman ready to enjoy life to the fullest. Fall in love with this joyful fragrance which was introduced in 2019. It retails for £42.90 in 30ml. 

marc jacobs daisy love eau so sweet eau de toilette for women 100 ml   2 - The Best Summer Perfumes for Women 2019

and I have kept the best as the last which I never thought that I would like so much is this Burberry My Burberry Black Elixir de Parfum which is made for sensual women. It has the unforgettable smell and makes you remembered of your scent. I only have worn it once on the special occasion and have received so many complements. With its floral notes of Jasmine, Lemon & Rose My Black Elexir represents deep and dark sensuality. The iconic My Burberry bottle details are reimagined with enriched materials and textures. The glass bottle is hand polished and covered with a dark lacquer adding depth and intensity. The horn-look lid, inspired by the buttons of the trench coat, is reinvented in semi-transparent colours, while a hand-tied black leather knot adds the ultimate finishing touch. The price is super high on it, but such a great investment, in 30ml it retails for £98.09.

burberry my burberry black elixir de parfum eau de parfum for women 30 ml   3 1 - The Best Summer Perfumes for Women 2019

did you like my summer perfume picks? I can not wait to hear about your favourites.

Thank you for reading.



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