Believe It Or Not These Are The Best, Stress-Free Holidays

Believe It Or Not These Are The Best, Stress-Free Holidays

Don’t you just hate it when you find that your vacation has become nothing short of a stressful nightmare? We do too. It’s always terrible when you spend a fortune on a vacation to relax only to find yourself anxious the entire time you’re away. It makes the whole plan pointless. That’s why you might find yourself wondering what the best, stress-free vacations are. Well, the answers might surprise you but below you’ll find two of the best choices. One is perfect for adult adventures and the other is a great option for a full family

For The Adults

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If you want the best, stress-free holiday for adults, then this has to be a cruise. With luxury ocean cruising, the clue is in the name. Assuming you don’t get seasick and you’re not scared of water, you can look forward to a holiday where your troubles will melt away and all your needs are taken care of. On the boat, there is going to be entertainment, dining, a pool to relax in and in some cases, spa treatment. This is always going to depend on how much you spend and we would argue that adding a little more to the price is always going to be the best choice. But even budget-friendly choices provide fantastic options for you to enjoy.

When it does pull into a port, you’ll have a day or so to explore and see the best sites and experiences. Some cruises will even help you book tickets and get guided tours for specific locations. As such, you won’t have to worry about falling into the typical tourist traps.

Of course one of the best things about cruises is that you don’t have to end your vacation early. One of the worst things about a typical vacation is that you know as soon as you get on the flight home it’s over. With a cruise, the journey home is always going to be part of your vacation. This allows you time to sink back into reality and say goodbye to a fantastic adventure.

Oh and let’s not forget that with a cruise you can dodge the worst parts of any vacation – the flights! It’s true to say that flights cause the most stress when you’re on holiday. You’ll worry about missing your flight or losing your luggage. With a cruise, there are no issues like this because the flights are completely cut out of the equation.

The Family

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You’re definitely not going to believe this one but Disney World really is the least stressful experience you can have when you’re planning a vacation with kids. There are people reading this right now who have been on an adventure to Disney with the little ones and sprayed coffee over the laptop, bursting into laughter. Well, we would argue that the reason for this is that some people don’t do Disney the right way. The happiest place on earth is only stress free if you approach it correctly.

Fist, make sure that you stay in a Disney hotel. It doesn’t matter which one because they all provide the same benefits. This includes:

  • Ability to book fastpasses sixty days Early
  • Extra magic hours
  • Free  transportation

That last one is particularly important because it means that you don’t have to hire a car. Disney will pick you up from the airport, provides shuttle buses and a monorail to the parks while taking you back to the airport at the end of the vacation.

Next, think about when you’re going. You need to avoid, Christmas, mid-July and Easter. These are the busiest times of the year. Any other option is fair game but beware at the beginning of the year a lot of the rides shut down for refurbishment.

Finally, make sure that you select the Disney dining plan. This means that dining is taken care of and you’ll be able to dine on site at a variety of different locations in the park and at your hotel.

It’s recommended that you book for two weeks if you can. This provides you plenty of time for all the rides and some off afternoons or days where you can relax at your hotel.

We hope you love these ideas and understand where we’re coming from when they say they are completely stress-free. Ultimately, with these vacations, everything is handled for you. You can just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride or have fun exploring the best theme park in the world with your kids.


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