4 Essential Health Tips to Check Off Before Travelling

pexels photo 297642 - 4 Essential Health Tips to Check Off Before Travelling

Travelling completes our personalities in many ways, through multiple teaching experiences. It widens our vision and understanding of the world, and raises an appreciation for the beautiful planet that we are all fortunate to inherit. However, travelling also means that you will be roaming unknown territories, outside your hometown, and maybe even the UK itself.

Therefore, there is always a chance that it might prove to be of immense inconvenience and even danger if you forget to check off the following health tips before going on your next exotic holiday.

Make an Appointment with Your Doctor

It is quite important that your doctor gives you a physical check-up before you leave if you have a history of any chronic illness, or if you are over a certain age. Whilst there, mention the location of your travelling and your itinerary to the physician so that he/she can warn you to avoid certain places if necessary. For example, depending on the severity of the condition, some people with asthma or heart issues are not suited for an uphill trek.

Even if you are in your prime and no chronic illness is there to check for, your doctor can tell you about the shots you will need to get before going out into a particular part of the world. You can also find some of this information on the official NHS website.

Get Your Medical Travel Insurance

The financial and mental stress of suffering a medical emergency outside the home is something that no one should have to face. Getting medical travel insurance is a must for people who already have chronic health conditions and/or are old enough to be susceptible to infectious diseases, organ failures (cardiac arrest, strokes, etc.) and other form of health emergencies.

Visit resources like Staysure.co.uk to learn why it’s really important to make sure that the medical insurance for travelling policy covers pre-existing conditions as well, since all of them do not. Unlike Staysure, some insurers may only provide limited cover when the emergency is caused by a pre-existing condition, making things extremely difficult for the patient stranded in a foreign land.

Be Wary of the Local Cuisine

Travel channels will tell you to taste everything that the locals have to offer, and so will most people. However, that can turn out to be a terrible idea, especially if you are travelling to a nation where the first language isn’t English. This communication gap makes it extremely hard to determine what you are actually eating.

There is a Sardinian cheese which has live maggots in it, while many forms of sushi can carry deadly worms and bacteria inside. There is a dish called Sannakji within the sushi genre, where you have to eat a baby squirming octopus, alive! If that was not horrific enough for you, know that around six people die every year doing this, as the octopus’s suckers attach to the person’s throat, choking them to death.

Eat food that you know to be food, even when everyone insists that live worms and a squirming marine animal are actually food! It might just save your life, or at least a very unpleasant experience.

Get Some Sleep In

Our immune systems become weaker as we lose sleep, which is a common problem that everyone who has travelled knows about all too well. Instead of worrying about sleep schedules and jetlag, try to get in at least 6 – 7 hours of sleep throughout the day to function at optimum physical and mental levels.

The tips for safe travelling may vary a bit, depending on the location you are about to visit, but these four are solid for any location in the world.


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  1. July 31, 2019 / 2:30 pm

    Nice tips! I normally just stay in the States, so it’s not as nervewracking. If we ever went overseas I’d be a bit more wary of local cuisine and such.

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