Luxury Skincare for Stretch Marks during Pregnancy from ME AND ME

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Luxury Skincare for Stretch Marks during Pregnancy from ME AND ME

Taking care of the stretch marks during pregnancy is very important. With my first pregnancy, I could not be bothered as I had many health issues and I was struggling to move by myself. In my second pregnancy I did try to use some products, but not continuously, which resulted me having some stretch marks after giving birth.

I promised myself that if I would get pregnant again, I would take care of myself properly this time, and here we are, pregnant again with baby #3 🙂

The reason stretch marks are caused is when the dermis tears. Skin stretched through any rapid growth or changes in body weight produces tearing. Stretch marks are a usual consequence of pregnancy and the hormonal changes that maternity brings, but they can also be attributed to puberty, bodybuilding and those on replacement therapy, all of which are hormone related. Prevention of stretch marks is the key to maintain your skin in optimal condition.

Some people have gained stretch marks over the years, and as these stretch marks over time change colour, from red/purple initially to eventually white/silvery in colour. The opportunity to reduce or rid yourself of white stretch marks becomes lessened with prolonged time. Therefore in the fight against stretch marks it is imperative the early treatment, or preferably the prevention approach, as red stretch marks are treatable and can be removed. By using ME AND ME Anti-stretch Marks Firming Cream at the onset of your pregnancy you can take a proactive prevention approach to your skincare needs and avoid unsightly and unnecessary stretch marks.

ME AND ME is a Spanish brand and is based on the conviction of Sonia Almela – pharmaceutical and cosmetologist expert in the world of high-end cosmetics – that it is possible to create high-efficiency cosmetic products that offer better solutions to specific situations of the real life, like pregnancy. Me and Me has presented a line of cosmetics for pregnancy, with highly effective formulas unique in the market that respect the safety and well-being of the baby before and after delivery.

I have been using the ME AND ME anti-stretch marks cream for couple of weeks now and I think is unique in todays market. It not only prevents the formation of stretch marks and reduces existing ones, it also increases the firmness of the skin to prevent sagging and takes care during and after pregnancy. Because your love for your child has no limits, but your skin does.

  • Prevents the appearance of stretch marks and reduces old ones by more than 27% *
  • Increases skin firmness by 53% *
  • Increases collagen by 115% *
  • Indicated especially during and after pregnancy
  • With neurocosmetic ingredients that help reduce stress, cortisol levels and increase your happiness
  • Includes probiotics that maintain skin health, restoring microbiological balance
Most imporantly ME AND ME products are free of  Parabens, Petrochemicals, Synthetic Perfumes, Harmful Substances.

The product has almost no scent to it, so if you are allergic to scents or just do not like them while pregnant, this will not be an issue.

ME AND ME products carry the warranty seal of ACENE/NAT (Spanish Association of Ecological and Natural Cosmetics).

Have you ever tried anything from ME AND ME?

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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