Handy Ways To Help Your Baby Sleep

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Babies are the most precious creatures in the world. When we have a bat for the first time we instantly fall in love and a baby can be a wonderful addition to your  family and your heart. 

Babies of course are hard to look after in those first few years; and often the main issue you will face is the sleeping pattern as your baby struggles to sleep through the night. 

Today we wanted to share some handy tips for new mums and dads to help their baby sleep and make sure that your baby will be able to develop healthily. 


Get a comfy mattress 

One of the simple solutions to hot baby sleeping problem might be that the bed isn’t comfortable enough. Babies can be very fussy and this can be something you notice when you are trying to get them to sleep. Good cot bed mattresses can be found online and these might be a better way to get your little one off to sleep.



Babies will need to be fed every couple of hours, like any baby animal does, and this often means that you will have to be up through the night In their early months. However, as long as you don’t make a fuss and react quickly when they wake for food, you can usually get them back to sleep pretty quickly and without much of an issue. 


Identify an issue 

As a Mum or Dad you will suddenly become Sherlock Holmes when it comes to your baby. If your child isn’t sleeping well there will usually be something wrong and it is up to you to figure out what the issue is. Could they need food, changing, winding? Are they too hot or cold? Make sure to run through your mental checklist whenever you have issues getting your baby to sleep. 



A baby is a needy creature, and often the reason they cannot sleep is because they miss you. Babies are always in need of a cuddle and comfort, and if you can provide them with this before they go to sleep it will usually help them to drift off much quicker and stay asleep too.


Try swaddling

Swaddling our baby might be the best way that you can help them to sleep this evening. When you swaddle a baby they will feel secure and safe and this is often a huge factor in their health and happiness. It is a good idea to swaddle your baby in a light blanket and it will protect them and will likely help them fall asleep in no time. 


Stroke their nose 

Stroking the nose of a dog or a cat can be something which calms them down and makes them feel happy, and the same applies to a baby. Stroking your baby’s nose in downward strokes is a great way for you to relax them and help them to feel sleepy. Hopefully in no time they will be asleep and you’ll be free to do what you want. 


Detect yawning 

When a baby starts to yawn this is always the best time to get them wrapped up in bed and let them sleep. Babies can’t stay awake for very long so when you see them yawning you can take the opportunity to get your baby to sleep as soon as you can and this will keep them happy and help them develop a routine. 


Lay them in a basket 

Using a Muslin basket for your baby can be a great way to help them fall asleep because it will keep them warm and secure. Sometimes depending on the material you use for your sheets, the transfer from warm arms to cold sheets can be too much for your baby and they will wake up. You can even think about warming the bed before hand with a warm water bottle and then take it out before you put your baby inside. 


Get them rocking 

Rocking a baby is a great way to help them sleep. If you can find one, make sure to get yourself a rocking bed which you can use when rocking your baby to sleep each day. This is a wonderful way to help your baby relax, and if you sing to them as you do it they should drift off in no time at all. 


Hopefully with these tips you’ll have sleeping babies nailed down and you’ll be able to keep your baby happy and healthy this year! 

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  1. July 20, 2019 / 4:46 pm

    Googled about how to make a baby sleep and got to read this wonderful post. I tried swaddling and stroking the nose and it worked. Phew. Bookmarked this post for future. Thanks Kristine.

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