3 Easy Ways To Make Flying More Bearable

The worst thing about travel is definitely flying. We all put up with it because it’s the only way that you can get to far flung places and explore the world but if we didn’t have to, we’d never step into an airport again. The long lines, the huge crowds, the suitcases, and that’s before you even get on the plane. Then you have to deal with the cramped seats and stuffy atmosphere, with nothing to do for hours on end until you eventually arrive. If only there was a better way. 

Unfortunately, there isn’t a better way yet, but that doesn’t mean that flying has to be a nightmare every single time. These are some of the best ways to make it more bearable next time around. 

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Take Your Time 

Most people will get to the airport a few hours before the flight to check-in and then at the other end, they’ll grab their bags and rush straight to the hotel as quick as they can. But you’re just making it more stressful for yourself if you do it that way. It’s a lot better if you just make a day of it and take your time. Arrive at the airport with plenty of time to spare, then you can get something to eat and be first in the queue for bag check-in. When you land on the other side, you should book a car service from somebody like t&a transfers and travel in style. You can enjoy the comfort of a nice car and maybe even make a few stops along the way. When you take your time and make the journey part of the experience, it suddenly becomes a lot less stressful. 


Pay For A Lounge 

A lot of people don’t bother paying for access to an airport lounge because they think that it’s a waste of money, but you should consider it on your next trip. A lot of the time, you’re not really spending any more money because you get all of your food included in the lounge. You also get a much more comfortable area to wait, so it doesn’t seem like too much of a chore anymore. If you arrive early, you can take full advantage of all of the facilities and be there with plenty of time to spare for your flight. 


Don’t Forget The Entertainment 

Boredom is one of the biggest hurdles to overcome when flying, especially if the flight is a long one. You can’t always rely on the in-flight entertainment because it might not be very good, so make sure to bring plenty of things to entertain yourself. This is especially true if you’re traveling with kids. Bring plenty of books with you and maybe even a laptop for watching films if you have space in your bag. You should also pack some games to keep the kids busy for a while so you can get a bit of peace and quiet. 

As long as you prepare properly and stop trying to rush your journey, flying doesn’t have to be that difficult. 



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