Working On Your Body Confidence

There are a lot of things that can affect your body confidence. Having a baby, getting older or even just the time of year can stop you feeling comfortable in your skin.

So how can you get it back? There are different things you can do to help you get your groove back. Here are some of the ways you can help grow your body confidence.

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Dress for your body type 

The way you dress can have a serious effect on how you perceive yourself. Choosing clothes that are flattering and fit you well will help you highlight your best features. While it might be tempting to choose clothes that are bigger and baggy, they’ll actually make you look bigger than you are. Work out your body type and choose clothes that help you show off your best bits. It helps to get your clothes tailored to fit your body to help you get the best fit, as well as make your clothes more expensive!

Start exercising

Exercise is an excellent confidence booster. The endorphins you get after a workout can help you feel more positive, while exercising itself is a good way to help you get into shape. Start increasing your fitness bit by bit, taking classes or going to the gym with a friend can be a fantastic way to get into exercise. As you start becoming more confident, you can work on setting yourself new goals and challenges to help you become fitter and stronger, building your body confidence as you go.

Take a break from social media 

Social media can be fun. It’s a way to connect with people and find out what your friends are up to, but it can also be dangerous for your mental health. Many people only project the best bits of their lives online, but if you start comparing yourself unfavourably to others, it’s going to affect you. Taking a break from social media is a good way to help you regain some perspective and focus on living in the real world. Try it for a week and see if you start feeling better within yourself – it could completely change the way you view social media from now on.

Tackle your trouble spots 

Are there particular parts of your body that are making you feel insecure? Why not try to tackle them? You can get help with your teeth, your skin and even parts of your body to help you regain your confidence and feel happy with yourself. While some treatments and procedures can be expensive, medical travel can be a more affordable alternative, while also giving you plenty of time to recover afterwards. Undergoing some types of procedures come with risks, so it’s important to do your research first.

Regaining your body confidence takes time, but it’s important that you learn to love yourself. Even simple things like trying new skincare can make a difference to your confidence. Try little things one day at a time to build yourself back up, you’ll get there! 


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  1. October 4, 2019 / 11:42 am

    I certainly need help with this. I have nobody confidence at all, especially because I suffer from anorexia nervosa. I just can’t seem to like myself or my body no matter what I do.

    Thank you for these tips.

  2. October 6, 2019 / 2:47 pm

    This is great, I think dressing according to your body type will make a lot of difference and the hard part is starting the work out routine, once you are on a routine it gets easy.

  3. October 7, 2019 / 9:50 pm

    Yes, yes, yes for dress for your body type. But I would say, don’t necessarily automatically go for the things that magazines tell you look good on your body, but rather, wear what makes YOU feel confident in your body. Being pregnant taught me that lesson and even though I’m close to my pre-pregnancy weight now, I got rid of so many clothes because they just didn’t make me feel good anymore.

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