Preparing For A Holiday With Small Children

There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t stop going on holiday when you have had children if you are in the position to be able to purchase flights and book a hotel in another country, then why shouldn’t you just go along and bring the baby with you? It’s an enriching environment for a child to experience various different cultures and climates. But obviously, there are extra challenges that you may face when traveling with small children. So here are some ideas on how you can prepare for these potential problems, And still have a wonderful time, So before you start researching which hotels with the best views in Asia, take a look at these points and plan ahead.

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Flights can be a little bit daunting for children depending on their age, if you have a child who is a little bit older, you can explain to them about air pressure, and how their ears are going to react. You can even bring along sweets and lollipops for takeoff and landing, which will help with popping ears. Flights can also be long and boring for children, so many people choose to take electronic devices or hire films on board to keep the children entertained throughout the flight. There is a debate surrounding whether we should apologize for our children on flights But as long as everyone shows some common sense and respect for those around them, then you should have no problems. Just make sure that you book seats together, as some airlines don’t automatically place you together even though tickets may have been booked at the same time.

Sleep patterns

It’s hard enough being a sleep-deprived parent as it is when you go abroad, and there is a different time zone; this can cause jet lag and problems with everyone sleeping, not just the children. Of course, we are quite used to waking up during the night, but we aren’t so accustomed to not being able to sleep at the right times of the day. There are plenty of tips surrounding when you should eat, and how to prepare your body for a change in time zones, so it’s best to do your research before you get on the flight, and ensure that you are preparing everyone thoroughly.


Parking light sounds like an impossible task when you have small children. They seem to need so much more than anyone else in the whole family when they are young, especially if potty training hasn’t commenced as yet. But don’t forget that where you’re traveling, they usually sell supplies, so there’s not much point in logging everything to the airport and over the water by an airplane, when you can just purchase what you need when you get there. For the items that cannot be replaced easily, then make sure you aren’t overloading yourself, and don’t pack more clothes than you could possibly wear during the time you are on holiday. Of course, being prepared is sensible, but ask yourself if you really need that 50 pair of shoes for the four nights day.


Remember that children can be a little bit fussy about food, so if you haven’t booked an all-inclusive holiday, you may wish to do some research to find out which hotels will serve food that your child will eat happily. We all want to be happy while we’re on holiday, and struggles with regards to eating shouldn’t be a task we have to endure. Luckily we have the Internet now and we are able to look around and see reviews on food, and even menus online before we even stepped foot in the country. This is a huge advantage to many years ago where we would have to have just walked around trying to find the best place to eat. Once you have discovered the best establishment for you and your family, it’s always a good idea to make a good note of where that is and gravitate towards it when the children start becoming a little bit hungry.

Snacks are always a good idea especially on long days exploring the new surroundings. So remember to pack plenty of child friendly snacks and things that will keep the energy levels high on those long walks in the sunshine. Obviously it depends on the activities that you book, but failing to prepare is to prepare to fail.

Holidays should be an exciting time, and making sure that your children are relaxed and comfortable with the whole situation will certainly make sure you enjoy every second.


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