My Favourite Winter Perfumes 2020

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Winter fragrances should be warm and sensual, and wear long enough that the scent lingers on your favourite sweater. They do not have to be holidays scented, but I what I look into the perfumes during the winter is the warmth that will stays behind them without being very sweet and citrusy. Whether you’re buying for yourself or for someone you love, I have rounded up 3 of my loved perfumes that are making everyone’s ‘must-have’ list for 2020.

Perfume shopping can be a tad overwhelming, and so far, 2020 hasn’t been making it any easier on us. So I decided to go over all my perfumes and pick only 3 that I would make a most use of this winter.

When choosing the perfumes, I always try to get to know the brand and the history behind the product in depth as well. This Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium was inspired by music and its composition represents a mysterious expression of inner desires, sensuality and everyday lust for life. This is not just an ordinary perfume, it is super long lasting and I always receive many complements wearing it. I have worn it in the warm seasons too, but I would definitely recommend it more for a winter. Top notes in Black Opium are: Black coffee accord, Mandarine and Bergamot.

yves saint laurent black opium eau de parfum for women  - My Favourite Winter Perfumes 2020

My second favourite this winter season is this Armani Si, the luxurious perfume which pays homage to modern femininity, natural beauty and the feeling of freedom. I love the whole idea behind Si, it was created for strong yet feminine women. Top notes are the Black Currant Leaves. One of my favourte Armani perfumes of all time, super long lasting and I always get many complements wearing it.

armani si eau de parfum for women  - My Favourite Winter Perfumes 2020

Marc Jacobs Decadence  had to be in my favourite winter perfumes this year. I have made one of the best choices purchasing it over the Christmas period. Decadence is a fragrance that tells the story of undisguised passion and a desire to live life without binding rules. In contrast to the Daisy collection, which symbolised a sweet, innocent girl, Decadence is the first truly feminine, sexy and sophisticated fragrance by Marc Jacobs.

Top notes are Iris, Plum and Saffron. The wear time of Decadence is very impressive indeed. Though the luscious jammy, fruity vibes of the opening disappear around an hour or two into wear, the velvet florals and warm amber linger for hours after that. Very long lasting, I love the fact that it smells a bit sweet when you first apply it, but slowly transitions to a colder scents. 


marc jacobs decadence eau de parfum for women  - My Favourite Winter Perfumes 2020

last but not least, what would be my favourites list without Chanel Allure. This perfume is a magic for me. I can not imagine life without it at all in all seasons. I really can not remember of how many bottles I have emptied out and repurchased from the day I started using it few years ago. With Peach, Tangerine and Bergamot as a top notes, Allure is a very sensual and addictive scent which both you and those around you will fall in love with!

chanel allure eau de parfum for women  - My Favourite Winter Perfumes 2020


With this cold winter long extending past the holiday season, I feel like our go-to fragrances should carry us through the first days of spring. The choices I made for this season, they all make me look forward to the warmer days. I hope you like them, please comment down bellow what are your top winter perfumes this season.

Thank you for reading.

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  1. February 7, 2020 / 8:26 am

    Very nice perfume. I am a guy so I don’t have much experience, but I am pretty sure the ladies love it…

  2. Gladys Nava
    February 8, 2020 / 6:17 pm

    They look so good! I love to have one!

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