High Bay Lighting Replacements and Upgrades

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High ceilings in a facility present and force business owners to deal with the issue of lighting in a means different than those of home décor. With such a high ceiling and larger spaces such as those found in warehouses, assembly facilities, gyms, storage and more—you’ll need an effective method that ensures your light travels all the way to the floor.

Especially in conditions where worker safety is a priority and a must, you need to have cool, bright light to ensure workplace accidents don’t occur due to dimmer lighting. Good lighting also has been proven to help boost mood, productivity, critical thinking, and overall performance regardless of what facility or area it has been placed in.

One of the most popular types of high bay lighting today is circular instead of the traditional rectangular, called LED UFO lights. If your facility’s lights have not been changed or upgraded in a very long time, you may find that it may be time to consider switching to high bay UFO lighting. There are several excellent benefits to the new LED UFO high bay lights:

  • Low electricity usage
  • Fast start/on time, fast turn off
  • Higher quality of light in a wider range of Lumens

Why even consider LED high bay lighting?

  • In LED light bulbs and LED high bay lights there is no UV or mercury used or emitted. They are
    safer to use and operate, unlike other light bulbs.
  • Energy-saving options for you and the planet. LED high bay lighting are better sources of power
    that will not ruin the environment while using far less electricity.
  • Exceptionally long-lasting. Most LED UFO high bay lights last up to 50,000 hours. Compare that
    to a florescent light of roughly 15,000 hours.

High bay UFO lighting can be adjustable to work in retail stores, warehouses, storage, and many other facilities with differing lumens to highlight important areas and keep your business safe inside and out.

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