You Need A Family Car: Finding The Right One

A family car is something you need when the kids are growing and you’ve got a lot to deal with; school trips, road trips, or otherwise being a general taxi back and forth that your kids love to use. All in all, your car is going to see a lot of use, and that means it needs to be a reliable model with a few family friendly features. So, let’s try and find you that kind of car. When you’re out car shopping, make sure you keep the points below in mind.

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Prioritise the Amount of Space

The amount of space in your new car needs to be the number one factor you prioritise: if there’s no room in the boot, and if there’s no room in the back seats, how are you going to fit all of the necessary equipment in? 

Where are the PE kits, and club kits, as well as growing, lanky legs going to go? You need space more than anything, so make sure you only keep big, roomy cars in mind when you’re next out shopping. Something like the New Vauxhall SUV could be a good fit here; a car that’s comfortable to be in, but has the space you’re going to need for a rapidly growing family to be carted around in. 


Think About Your Kids’ Needs

Your kids could be of various different ages, but they probably all have something in common: they get bored very easily! And when you’re on a road trip, or you’re traveling to stay with friends or relatives elsewhere, they’re going to let you know about it. So you’re going to need a car that allows for entertainment systems to be set up as well. 

Cars that have big head rests, or specific places for portable DVD players to go, are definitely going to need to be a consideration when you’re car shopping. Similarly, cars that have charging or USB ports all over the place are another necessity; there’s nothing more annoying than siblings squabbling over using a games console in the backseat, and then it suddenly runs out of battery! 


Keep an Eye on Safety Ratings

You’re also going to need to pay attention to safety ratings. A safety rating from the Euro NCAP will prove definitively whether or not your chosen car is a good fit for your family. After all, a family car needs to be safe enough for you and your children, and it needs to have all of the modcons we mentioned above. And with one simple rating system, you can cut your shortlist down to maybe 2 or 3 models that deserve your time and attention. 

A family car is something every growing family out there needs, but you need to find the car that’s right for you! Make sure you keep the above considerations in mind when you’re about to make a deal; make it right, get the car! 


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