MOT & Car Care Tips – When in Lockdown

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We have been in lockdown condition since late March and many of us are still struggling to get used to it. Coupled up with waiting and practising social distancing during this pandemic our mind is constantly poked up by many unanswered questions such as how to keep our vehicles roadworthy and safe during this time. To many people who are frontline workers and still require using their vehicles , the question of taking precautionary measures for their cars is as important as taking care of people around them because it is the major source taking them back and forth from work to home.

Looking at the situation in London , the most busy city in the UK we clearly know that people are being very impatient for getting back on roads and continuing with their normal routines. This means that chances of jam packed roads with hundreds of vehicles on it are expected. To cater to such a situation we should be prepared from today till the day lockdown is lifted, with having great hopes in our heart , we will see soon enough !

Therefore following are some important points to note before engaging back to our normal routines and bringing our vehicles back on the roads once again.

Does my car need a MOT check?

We know that this is the time where we all are suffering from closed doors everywhere, be it restaurants , schools, parks or some car care garages. Whether today or tomorrow , it is our duty to still take precautionary measures for our vehicle like we used to before to make it roadworthy. For this we still require to check our vehicles if they are abiding by all MOT rules. In case you think your vehicle fulfills all those rules then you can easily wait for the time you take your vehicle back on the road. However for those who are still not sure if their vehicle is fit according to UK vehicle laws, they can visit tyre garages to take their cars for MOT check. Yes, there are many tyre garages still open for motorists convenience. One such gagare providing safe and professional MOT service is Iverson Tyres Ltd (02085664666) situated in London.

Do I need to check my car fuel levels?

You know that parked cars might be storing the fuel you filled in them . However there is a chance that the fuel might be developing corrosion or rust in it. To avoid such situations , you can use fuel stabilizers to keep the fuel in working for a longer time. You can even start your vehicle twice in a week if you are not at all driving your car anywhere so that the fuel is freshened up by engine movement of the car.

Are the tyre pressures stable?

There is a very likely chance that your vehicle might experience under-inflated tyres if it has been unused for a prolonged period of time. In order to avoid such situations , you can check air pressure in tyres by using a pressure measuring gauge, which will accurately show whether you require your tyres to be pumped up or not. If you don’t have this gauge , you can easily get it from nearby vehicle repair garages or shops.

Once all these vehicle safety measures are looked upon , you will definitely enjoy the smooth ride in your cars once you get back on the busy roads of London.


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