Sight Word Swat Game Review with Video with Learning Resources

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Sight Word Swat game came handed just during the lockdown. With kids off school it is important to make sure they keep practicing what they have learnt at school for the whole year. It is important to make sure they do not forget words they have learnt. Especially for Elizabeth as she is at Reception class and going to Year 1 soon, it is key to make sure she knows the words, spellings and their meanings.

Sight Word Swat game is an easy-to-play activity is perfect for reinforcing what children have been learning during lessons – ideal for family fun. The game comes with 300 high frequency words from phases 2-6 of the government Letters & Sounds phonics framework. Most importantly the “Tricky” words are highlighted for easy identification to remind children that they can’t sound out these words phonetically.

The game comes with four plastic fly swatters, 150 double-sided flies and instructions. The cards are designed in a very cute and friendly fly shapes and are colour-coded:

    • Red = 200
    • Orange = 32
    • Purple = 24
    • Green = 20
    • Blue = 24

107692412 612377462810542 3680909406408607844 n scaled - Sight Word Swat Game Review with Video with Learning Resources I was so surprised as to how many words are included in the pack. The whole thing also comes with the plastic bag so kids dont loose it and keep them all in once place. All the cards and swatters are great colour choices, very bright and made of a great quality.

If you want your child to be encouraged to practice tricky words at home, you must have this game. I also had so much fun playing with girls 🙂 Game usually changes with your child’s ability to learn, for example: if your child does not know lots of words, you can start with green colour so they do not get confused, then mix more colours, red has the most words on them. you can also always mix and match the colours and the words depending on the level of the game you want to play, especially when there are kids of different ages and if they want to play together, you can always mix easy and difficult words for them to guess.

107953271 2919426831488179 4701399267475345533 n scaled - Sight Word Swat Game Review with Video with Learning ResourcesThe object of the game is to collect the most flies after all the sight words have been called out. I called out the words on the flies whilst the children raced to swat them. Whoever is the first to swat the correct fly keeps it and is the winner 🙂 Elizabeth & Eva really enjoy playing this game all the time, they enjoy racing to swat the flies and learn while having fun.

Overall I think that this is a great game which enables kids to learn especially now when we are all at home and need different ideas to make them occupied while learning. I love that this game reinforces sight-word reading. I am really amazed as to how many words girls now can actually read by sight. What I now do is, give the girls words by colours every day so I make sure they know them separately, then I mix them to make the game more difficult.

We have also made YouTube video about Sight Word Swat game, please make sure to watch, we hope you like it:



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